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Enables Your Son To Throw Harder, Throw Strikes & Reduce Risk Of Injury

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Velocity Belt Bag

1 Second Formula Session #1

Paul’s Breakdown

Paul’s gonna walk you through the entire formula. You’ll never look at pitching the same way again. You’ll be laser focused on what to work on, what to leave alone and where to spend your training time for maximum velcocity, command and arm health.

Velocity Belt Bag

1 Second Formula Session #2

The Ankle Resets

The ankle series was designed with one thing in mind – to allow pitchers to reach the angles and positions required to deliver consistent mechanics for maximum control and velocity. The ankles of pitchers get glued down and tight throughout the season and from outing to outing the ankle series allows us to move better longer and stay consistent so you’re ready for your biggest outings.

Velocity Belt Bag

1 Second Formula Session #3

The Hip Resets

The goal of the hip series is to battle against the wear and tear a pitcher places on his body through throwing off of a mound (where’s stresses are 6x more than a pitchers bodyweight!) what’s important to know about how the series works is that the legs front side vs back side work differently through the delivery so our hip series is also “off – balance” in order to ensure that your hips stay in balance and you stay throwing hard all season long.

Velocity Belt Bag

1 Second Formula Session #4

The Core Resets

The goal of the core series is to improve the posture of the back and core combatting the wear and tear placed on it through pitching.

When a pitcher delivers a pitch he goes through flexion and extension of the spine with his arm overhead which can leave a pitchers posture and movement out of sorts – our core series reset is here to ensure the low back and core stay healthy and feeling good all season long.

Velocity Belt Bag


Shoulder Resets

The bonus series is made up of some of our big “bang for your buck” upper body resets. These resets will keep you healthy, feeling good and throwing hard while providing the all important protection for your elbow and shoulder when your innings count this year starts to get up there. Normally $19. Yours FREE!

Velocity Belt Bag

BONUS – Printable Workout Sheets

The Core Resets

Take is on the field, keep it on your mobile device or pin it up wherever you train. Step by step program with exact exercies, reps and times. No guessing. Plug and play. Each exercises is linked to a video demonstration, so you’ll always know exactly what to do.

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