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Is Your Son Leaving 3mph to 11mph On The Table?

“13 Year Old Add 6 MPH Using Just The Super 7 and The Wall Drill?”

Whether you know it or not, You’re at a Do-or-Die Moment in Your Career. That’s not to sound dramatic, but the path you choose right now can affect the success or failure as a pitcher and how far you go, whether it’s Little League, High School, College or the pros. Don’t make the same mistake most guys make by thinking that you can just keep working hard and somehow your pitching will “fix” itself because it won’t. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if you just keep trying, pushing yourself, putting in more time… everything will be okay and you’ll maximize your talent. Because you WON’T. In fact…

Hard Work in the WRONG Direction Cuts You Off at the Knees!

Think about it: with the wrong strategies and training techniques, you risk injury, loss in speed, inaccuracy and other issues that can make your pitching worse. Let’s be honest: something isn’t right with your pitching—or you wouldn’t be here. It’s also pretty clear if you keep doing what you’ve been doing you’re going to get the same results. You’re here cause you want and need a change and that’s what you’re going to get here. Let’s also get this “Ugly truth” out of the way first… We both know the competition isn’t just the other team anymore. With the meteoric rise of AAU, Travel, Elite teams you know the competition in the dugout with you is just as fierce. That’s why—in this letter—I’m going to introduce you to the most trusted method for boosting your speed ever revealed. That’s no brag—just facts. And as you’ll see, I’ve got mountains of proof to back it up. Of course, after you put this process to work for you, your velocity starts pumping and people start to take notice…you may be tempted to share this letter with your teammates. Up to you. But I won’t blame you if you want to keep it all to yourself.

Why You’re About to Have an Unfair Advantage

(And Why Your Competition Won’t Have a Clue What You’re Doing!)

Right off the bat, I’m going to hand you the 4 secrets of velocity that you’ll never hear from a “traditional” pitching coach AND most pitchers will never know. And later on in this letter you’ll hear from:

  • 16 year old Stephan’s Dad who was looking for an equalizer to level the playing field for his son….He found it here
  • Cameron, a HS pitcher who stopped listening to traditional coaches who were trying to change his arm slot. He silenced those coaches and stuck a 1 hitter on the best team in the state
  • Middle School Pitcher David who packed on 7mph in 3 weeks and became to top pitcher in his league
  • Jason who started using this program with his son Ryan and together they added 7 MPH to his fastball and learned a sick cutter
  • Little League Dad, Dr. Alan Ogles got his son Chip on the program and it transformed him from an average pitcher to the opening day starter and an All-Star!
  • And Christian, who put this program to work and lived out his dream of getting drafted by the Royals…oh, the difference? He added 12mph!

And lastly, you’ll also hear from fathers who just wanted to lay a solid foundation for their young pitchers and now the other parents are green with envy. Mostly, you’ll see that every successful pitcher on this page is…


Like the pitchers who’ve come to this page before you, you’re getting in on my closely guarded velocity activators that UP UNTIL NOW were only available to those pitchers I train personally. My name is Paul Reddick. You may know me from my best selling book The Picture Perfect Pitcher (with Tom House). I’m also Yogi Berra’s camp director and spent 14 years in professional baseball as a coach and scout.


Because of the success of so many of my students, people refer to me as the “Master of MPH.” I’m humbled by the fact that more pitchers use my 90mph Club training program than any other pitching program ever created. Enough about me…because chances are, you’re a bit tired of experts and gurus telling you about the latest and greatest secret. These are guys who, when their methods don’t work—tell you that you must be doing it wrong, or didn’t practice enough, or you just don’t have the talent. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s all utter BS.

You Are NOT the Problem, THEY ARE!

I’ll bet you’ve: Bought book, DVD’s and courses Went to expensive camps and clinics Probably had one-on one instruction If ANY of those worked you wouldn’t be here. But hold up a sec… If you bought books, DVD’s and course doesn’t that mean you’re willing to study and research the best? If you went to camps and clinics doesn’t that mean that your seeking better info, you’ve invested time, maybe even traveled? If you’ve had private lessons doesn’t that mean that you’re willing to take responsibility and seek out experts? Studying, researching, seeking better info, investing time, travel, taking responsibility, and going to experts…ISN’T THAT WHAT SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO?

Why Are You Doing Everything Right, And Still Not Getting the Results You Deserve?

Because, you are a victim of traditional coaching, pure and simple. You know what I mean by traditional coaches right? They have those blurbs, buzz words and phrases that all sound good but they’re not part of any results based program. They have no program. Their only mission is to line their pockets with your hard earned cash. That pisses me off. Ok, enough of this! Today all of that ends! You’re not going to fall through the cracks.


Today is your day. You’re finally gonna get the right info so you don’t get stuck in a plateau or frustrated with a lack of results. You need a proven, time tested model that gets you long-lasting results. Not just conventional wisdom that was disproven by insiders years, or even decades ago.

I’ve shown this picture at all of my clinics and presentations with the following questions to coaches.

  1. If we’re doing such a great job as coaches, why are more kids getting hurt than ever before?
  2. Why are more players quitting the game than ever before.
  3. Why in America’s past time are more than half the players playing from outside the country?

We need to do better.

No other sport has these type of numbers in injuries or in the amount of foreign players in any level or league of their game.

One of the mistakes we as instructors make is that most don’t teach what they actually do. Tom House calls this…

“Bad Information From Good Sources”

This is really dangerous, because as humans, we naturally trust information based on the quality/credibility of those who share it with us. So if someone has established expertise, or worked at a high level in the past, we naturally accept what they say without challenging it. The problem is:

Good Sources”: Instructors who have great credibility because they were a great player or coach in the past… …can all to often give you… “Bad Information”: Just because they were a good player doesn’t mean they know how to teach. Playing and teaching are two very different things.

Here’s a great example. To your left is a picture from Randy Johnson’s book Power Pitching where Randy is demonstrating the “proper release point”. Randy is a very credible source. Played 22 years, regularly threw a 100+ mph fastball in his prime, 9 time strikeout champion, pitched the 17th perfect game in baseball history, and is considered as one of the best pitchers in history. He’s the ideal coach. He knows what he’s talking about. Right? Well, the proper release point Randy is teaching us here isn’t actually the way he ever pitched. This is.

This is why bad information from good sources is incredibly dangerous. What if Randy was coaching at a clinic filled with pitchers, parents, and coaches. What do they leave out of the clinic thinking? That’s the problem. (It’s also why you MUST not just examine the quality of your source but also how many students have successfully used coaching/information to succeed. More on this later.) Our players are learning dangerous information from credible sources. Luckily for you, you’re now more aware than 90% of pitchers, parents, and coaches. The advantage doesn’t end there. Randy Johnson may not be the greatest demonstrator there is but he’s a Hall of Famer for a reason. He has outstanding mechanics. Whether your 12, 17, or 24 years old, mechanics are universal for all of us.

Above you’ll see a 12 year old pitcher alongside Pedro Martinez in position. They have the same frame; albeit differences in strength, size and game experience. Good mechanics are good mechanics. Bad mechanics are also just that, bad mechanics. BadMechanics The mistakes a professional pitcher makes can be replicated by players at other levels of the game. The BIG question I get all the time is whether we can teach the same thing to different pitchers? The answer is ABSOLUTELY.

There Are 3 Mechanics Principles You MUST Know to Succeed as a Pitcher

  1. Kinetic Chain
  2. Laws of Inertia
  3. Forced Continuity

Kinetic Chain is the energy path that runs from your feet to your fingertips, transferring energy throughout your body. When your stride foot hits the ground, your energy system is activated. Power and force stream up the body through the kinetic chain and dicers from there. Energy for a pitcher travels: from the foot through the ankle up the knee adjusted at the hips concentrated and flowed into and out of your core readjusted at your shoulders to your elbow coursing through your forearm diverted or focused at your wrist spread throughout your hand and jolted out of your fingers. One body part passes its share of energy to the next body part. This is why you need to address your strength and conditioning in order to make sure your muscles and nervous system are strong and reliable enough to pass as much of your energy from the time your foot leaves the mound to the actual pitch. If they aren’t strong enough, your body won’t be able to perform or sustain proper mechanics.

Your kinetic chain is ONLY as strong as its weakest link.

If you have weak abs, you won’t be able to transfer all of the power you have from your legs to your shoulders. If your ankles aren’t strong and flexible, you won’t generate enough power to your legs. If your elbows aren’t aligned, energy is instantly zapped out of you when it reaches this crucial joint. Good mechanics close these power leaks and allow you to not only use more of your current energy, you’ll generate more of it. Laws of Inertia – Once an object is in motion, it stays in motion. An object at rest stays at rest. The first move of your delivery will determine how much power you’re leaving on the table. If you stop at the top, stay back over the rubber, and look for the balance point, you’re costing precious mph every single time you pitch. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. This is an undeniable fact. In a moment, I’ll show you how you are almost certainly…

“Leaking” MPH Out of Your Pitching Every Time You Wind Up

After delving into research we conducted with the first 90mph Club members we coined the term Forced Continuity to describe the setup of a pitch. Whenever you start your pitching motion, you’re forced to continue along that path until the activity is finished. It’s impossible to redirect yourself or correct your pitching motion. If you start “good”, you’re more likely to continue “good”. If you start bad, it’s impossible to redirect from that negative output.

But Here’s the Shocking Truth…

All of the flaws you encounter during the pitch can be easily swayed and fixed when the first second of your pitch is set up right. If you do this right, it’s very hard to screw anything up after your foot hits the ground. This is why all of my instruction takes place in the first second of the delivery. Because once it’s fixed, the pitch instantly transforms. When you get a coach who talks about arm release, glove, spine, follow through…forget about it. If they’re aren’t helping you with the beginning of your delivery, then all of that work isn’t going to matter anyway. One of the analogies I like to use is of a 5 story building. If you build the foundation right, you’re more likely to have a strong solid building. Everything will stay sturdy, stable and reliable. This goes hand in hand with your kinetic chain. If it’s stable and well-founded, you’ll be better able to handle the demands of pitching. Just cause you built a solid foundation, it doesn’t mean you won’t have a weak or underdeveloped muscle here or an awkward posture there. These are easily repairable and small details in comparison to the bigger picture. If you have a bad foundation, just like any building, you’re gonna have countless number of problems arise…

… UNTIL You Reconstruct the Way You Pitch.

Your foundation as a pitcher lies in the first second of your delivery. You get that right and we then have the opportunity to do some incredible work. I promise you, all of these flaws you see up top won’t apply to you after the first second of your delivery is reshaped the right way. Stride length, flying open, arm path and all of the rest are caused by a bad first movement.

Stride Length Stride Direction Front Leg Swing Rushing Flying Open Inverted W
Head Falling Off Glove Pull Arm Path Arm Action Release Point Long Arm / Short Arm

Take a look to your right. How would you fix this building? By moving the top floors over to the left or starting at the bottom with the foundation? What happens when you readjust the foundation? Everything else falls in line. Working on your release point, follow through, arm angle, or pointing your glove is like trying to straighten your 5 story building from the top floor. There’s no way to fix your building until you repair it’s base where all of the problems lie. It’s actually pretty funny how well this building translates directly to pitching. Check out Dontrelle Willis. You notice how his spine and shin almost perfectly match up?

That’s because his upper body is a direct reflection of what his lower half is doing. He has a poor setup in the first second of his delivery which is the cause of all of these problems. Fixing his base (lower body) and readjusting his stance will allow him to pitch harder for a longer period of time. How do you fix all of these problems? What do you do next? Let’s start with the…

Velocity Activator #1 No Power Angle

Are you told to: “Stop at the top?” “Stay back over the rubber?” “Get closed?” “Find a balance point?” “Show the pocket or show the number” That’s some of the worst advice you could ever be given. The best pitchers in the game do NONE of these. It’s a fact that the best of the best all are moving toward home plate when they reach the top of their lift. Don’t take my word for it look at the cream of the crop. A picture worth a thousand words…


Now look at Mark Pryor and Dontrelle Willis. Weren’t they going to be the next Hall Of Famers!


The proof is in the pudding. See the differences?? Most coaches don’t (or worse..can’t) see the difference. It’s no wonder why both these guys can barely stay in pro ball. They should be in the prime of their careers not long shots ready to throw in the towel. When the first movement of your delivery is wrong—you will spend the rest of your delivery trying to make up for it. All those “flaws” that traditional coaches talk about almost always start right here. They never know why their pitchers drop like flies with injuries and poor performance. Hate to say it, but worst part is that coaches teach this…their pitchers get it right…but, then don’t perform to the best of their ability. Then guess who they blame? YOU!

A bad lesson taught right is still BAD!

The power angle is crucial to velocity, control, and late movement. If you’re still being taught those out of date “traditional teaches” you are leaving a ton of potential velocity on the table. Once you make the shift. The velocity will come thundering out and your fastball will be firing on all cylinders. Here’s one of our 90mph Club members showing you what a great lower half should look like

Velocity Activator #2 Visual Velocity

Ever wonder why Greg Maddux and Jamie Moyer pitched in the big leagues for so long with weak fastballs? Most “traditional coaches” don’t even understand this type of velocity but it’s vital for you to understand it and use it. The only velocity that matters is the velocity that hitters see. Radar gun readings are meaningless without visual velocity. This IS the velocity that gets you noticed. During my scouting days I would chuckle listening to other scouts fall in love with pitchers throwing 90+ on the gun but could not throw strikes or get hitters out. I would always look for the pitchers with visual velocity. It might not read as high on the gun …but they always BLEW HITTERS AWAY.

Visual Velocity is 10 times more powerful than radar gun velocity. Gun velocity is just how fast the ball’s going. Visual Velocity is how fast it looks to the hitter.


No scout or coach argues with a pitcher who blows hitters away. Period. There’s a moment a hitter makes a decision about you and it’s long before he steps in the box. You’ve probably seen hitters on your team start to get worried about a pitcher warming in the pen when they hear the catchers glove popping. ALL hitters will also look to see the reaction of your lead off hitter after the first pitch. Visual Velocity sends a message to hitters that puts fear in their hearts long before they get in the box. And it’s even more powerful when combined with the next one…

Velocity Activator #3 Weakening Pitches

Got a quick story for you. A few years back about 6 of the pitchers in my Elite Pitchers Group were all on the same team. Like most HS players, they pitched and played the field. This team went all the way to the finals of our local county tournament (that’s big deal around here). They were up against one of the best pitchers in the state. The kid threw in the low 90′s and was unbeaten. But, this pitcher finally met his match and got a huge wake up call when he found himself up against some smart players. They snagged video footage of his last few games and they studied it. They uncovered a major change in mechanics and body language when he threw his curveball. They also saw he could not throw his curveball for strikes. They plotted to exploit this weakness. So, you’re probably saying big they saw his curveball… he still had a 90+ fastball. Well, this team got in the cage and hit 90+ fastball’s all week and went into the game armed with a bullet proof game plan. It was simple….sit on the fastball and take the curveball. See, when a hitter knows what’s coming it doesn’t matter that’s it’s a 90+ pitch.

They crushed him and he was out of the game in less than 3 innings.

So, the bottom line is that his weak curveball actually weakened his best pitch…his fastball. These guys were on to him when he was throwing a curve and took the pitch and locked on to his fastball. This is a velocity killer that most “traditional” coaches never see or understand. You’re the one who winds up getting short changed.

Velocity Activator #4 A pitcher’s arm won’t speed up
what it can’t slow down!

Ever been on a weight training program or went to a trainer and didn’t gain any velocity? We’ll don’t hold your breath…more muscle doesn’t add up to more velocity. Knowing why this happens gives you probably the fastest way to build velocity. It breaks down like this… There are 3 muscle groups in the front of your arm that speed up your arm. There are only 2 muscle groups in the backside that slow down your arm. So, every person walking the earth is a little out of whack. To make matters worse almost all the exercises traditional coaches and trainers show you only build the “speed up” muscles. They never get with the program and address the slow down muscles…even if they do they never build the right balance that’s needed to get the most out of what’s already inside you. Forget about building additional velocity. The arms will not speed up what it can’t slow down. Picture it like this…if I put you in a sup’d up race car and told you that you could drive it as fast as you want down the street but warned you that there was a cliff at the end of the street…how fast would you drive? Answer: Only as fast as you could stop. That’s how your arm works. It won’t accelerate to the max if it can’t slow it down. Pound for pound, all those drills and exercises that traditional coaches teach are making matters worse. If you don’t build up the slow down muscles all the speed up muscles won’t fire! It’s hard to swallow, but the bottom line is…

You’re Leaving at LEAST 3-5mph (Probably More Like 7-10 MPH) On the Table!

And it’s just by being out of balance and everyday you fail to train properly actually makes things worse. These are just 4 dramatic ways that a pitcher will lose velocity with… These 4 Velocity Activators are essential to not only maximizing your current potential, they also allow you to open the doors to more gains you’ll achieve at a faster pace since you won’t be limited by bad form or energy leaks. It’s time to stop spinning your wheels with outdated, stone age “traditional” coaching that never worked to begin with. This is where I come in… I’ve created a system called the 90mph Club. I’m humbled to say it is now…

Used by Over 46,000 pitchers, More than Any Other Pitching Program in History!

The longevity and results speak for themselves. We could easily stop with the activators and you’ll be set for quick success in no time, but there are other areas and tools you can use that will make achieving these activators much quicker. We’ve included these 12 activators and workouts today’s pitcher need to go through in order to achieve gaining more velocity quicker and properly. While these drills grant results to pitchers around the world for over 15 years now, they are overhauled with better coaching cues, strategies, and are near perfect representation of how I coach my pitchers today.

Free Bonus

90mph Club Live
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The main program, with 12 modules and activators are enough to transform your pitching—but I really wanted to make this a no-brainer for you. So you’re also going to complete recordings of the 90mph Club Live Clinic! Watch Paul guide over 200 pitchers, parents and coaches through the entire 90mph Club system. This seminar accelerates your success in the 90mph Club. You’re getting the full, unedited recordings that you can stream, download or add to any mobile device. These recordings are normally sold for $100. But, yes, they’re yours free when you try out the 90mph club today. In fact, they are all set and waiting for you the second you log into the 90mph Club members area. Just how good is this seminar? Check out what some of the attendees had to say:

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Impressive, right? Well, you’ll get all that and much more.

Over $1,000 In the World’s Best Training…for Just Pennies Per Day

Our critics say, we made it too simple, easy and inexpensive. Our clients say, mostly thank you. We just say, you can count on us to continue to make the best programs for you. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pull another mortgage or sell the car to get this program. All of these programs combined are priced at a total of $1723. My mission throughout my coaching career has been create and offer the best programs for success for pitchers everywhere and to most importantly, make sure they’re able to get them easily and without any hassle. I want you to easily grab this program and get started with it today so you’re getting all of these programs, drills, skills and instruction videos packaged into one easily accessible place for $39.

My Quadruple “People Will Take Notice” Guarantee

Guarantee #1: In the next 30 days, just follow the program, and you’ll see at least a 3MPH increase (probably like 7mph). This is a no-brainer, slam dunk for me to guarantee. Over 46,000 pitchers can’t be wrong. Guarantee #2: Someone will take notice of your new found velocity and make a comment about how hard you are throwing. You can share your secret if you’d like…up to you. Some parents will comment as well. They’ll also be “peanut butter and jealous” that you throw harder than their kid. Guarantee #3: You’ll feel a ball just sizzle from your hand. It will jump out like never before. That’s the best feeling ever. Watch the look on your throwing partners face 🙂 Guarantee #4: If none of this happens I insist that you cancel your order by sending an email to my trusted assistant Lori HERE or call our office toll free at (877) 673-7041. You’ll get every penny back on the spot and you keep the videos as our penalty. This way there is no risk. Try getting this type of deal from any other guru or a local instruction. I know you’ve probably got the raw end of the deal with some other gurus or with clinics, lessons, books and DVD’s and that burns me up.

The 90mph Club is endorsed by 3 current Major League Pitching Coaches and Two Hall of Famers

Goose GossageBaseball Hall Of Fame If you want to add MPH to your fastball and take your pitching to the next level then Paul Reddick is the way to go.
Yogi BerraBaseball Hall Of Fame Paul is a great coach who really knows his stuff. He’s the only guy I trust to run my camps.
Dave EilandPitching Coach, KC Royals My passion has always been helping pitchers get better. Paul Reddick shares that same passion. His program gives pitchers of all ages the right information and instruction to reach their goals.
Rick HoneycuttPitching coach, LA Dodgers For parents, pitchers and coaches who want the big league edge, I would recommend Paul Reddick’s 90mph Club. Paul is one of those guys who takes pitchers to the next level.
Derek JohnsonPitching Coach, Milwaukee Brewers I’ve been a subscriber of Paul Reddick and his 90mph club for years. I would recommend his program for any pitcher who wants to get to the next level.
Eric Cressey I see loads of players coming through my door wanting to know why they wound up injured – and the answer always comes down to a lack of preparation. Lots of guys work hard, but not many guys work smart, too. That’s where Paul Reddick can help you. If you want to throw harder and stay healthy while doing so, 90mph Club is a great place to star
Lawrence & Joe GilliganOwners of Akadema We’ve known Paul for years…from back in his scouting days with the Pirates to his work at Yogi’s Museum. At Akadema we only work with people who “bring their “A Game”. Paul is one of those guys. We are proud to be sponsor of the 90mph club and the Velocity Month”
Brent KemnitzPitching Coach, Wichita State “At Wichita State, I asked our pitchers to believe in a mission and vision of excellence, but there’s also life after baseball. I’m 100% behind the mission of Paul Reddick Baseball. They understand excellence both on and off the field”

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What the Pros are Saying!
Goose Gossage
If you want to add MPH to your fastball and take your pitching to the next level then Paul Reddick is the way to go.
Goose Gossage,
Baseball Hall of Fame
Yogi Berra
Paul is a great coach who really knows his stuff. He’s the only guy I trust to run my camps.
Yogi Berra
Dave Eiland
My passion has always been helping pitchers get better. Paul Reddick shares that same passion. His program gives pitchers of all ages the right information and instruction to reach their goals.
Dave Eiland,
Pitching Coach
Kansas City Royals
Rick Honeycutt
For parents, pitchers and coaches who want the big league edge, I would recommend Paul Reddick’s 90mph Club. Paul is one of those guys who takes pitchers to the next level.
Rick Honeycutt,
Pitching Coach
LA Dodgers
Derek Johnson
I’ve been a subscriber of Paul Reddick and his 90mph club for years. I would recommend his program for any pitcher who wants to get to the next level.
Derek Johnson,
Pitching Coach
Milwaukee Brewers
Chris Sinacori
Paul, just wanted to say you do a great Job, and you always have great information. Keep up the great work. I'm sure you help so many kids all over the country.
Chris Sinacori
Pitching Coach
Wake Forest
Brent Kemnitz
I’m 100% behind the mission of Paul Reddick Baseball. They understand excellence both on and off the field
Brent Kemnitz,
Pitching Coach
Wichita State
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