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From: Paul Reddick

To: Players and parents commited to lifelong growth

Re: 90 MPH Club Elite Application

Picture this, I was standing on stage in front of nearly 1000 baseball coaches.

I asked every coach in this huge hotel ballroom to raise their hand.

I said “everyone who has interacted 100 players this year keep your hand up”.
About 80% of the room kept their hands raised.

“How about 500 players”?
Only about 10% of the room kept their hand up.

“How about 1000 players?”
There were a few coaches who run big academies that still had their hand up.

“How about 10,000 players?”
No hands up.

How about 100,000 players?”
No hands up.

How about 235,000 players?”
No hands up.

Well, that’s not totally true.

Every single day nearly 250,000 players, parents and coaches eagerly await our daily newsletter. I had my staff dig up the total number of people that we’ve interacted with over the last 15 years. It’s over 500,000 people in total.

We’ve also had surveys filled out by 183,218 individual players, parents and coaches.
What’s my point in telling you all of this?

It’s not to impress you My point is that I think we’ve interacted with more players, parents and coaches than any other baseball instruction business in history.

We’ve had Major League super stars, 1st round draft picks, thousands of D1 players all the way down to Dads of 7 year old players picking up a ball for the first time, and everything in

We’ve seen it all and because of that…


  1. Players do not succeed because of genetics – I’ve seen genetic freaks fizzle out in rookie ball.
  2. Players do not succeed because they have the best trainers – I’ve seen parents spend $1000’s a month on the best trainers in the world and not even get looked at by a college.
  3. Players do not succeed because of coaching – I’ve seen parents hire the very best coaches in the world to work with their sons and seen some never even crack the starting line up.
  4. Players don’t succeed because they played on a certain travel team – I’ve seen players on the best travel teams never go farther than that team.

My experience on the real reasons players succeed doesn’t end there.

For 14 years, I was the camp director and resident youth speaker at the Yogi Berra Museum (actually starting a new camp this year. So, I’m excited to be back).

I gotta say, that put me in a pretty unqiue position. I found myslef rubbing elbows with the “who’s who” in the history of baseball. You name them and they were there…Don Mattingly,
Cal Ripken, Johnny Bench, Tony LaRussa, Jim Leyland, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Nolan Ryan, Bernie Williams, Jim Palmer, Bob Gibson, Sandy Koafax…too many to list.

When given the chance I always asked them why they think they succeeded.

Just like I said above, they NEVER said…it was my trainer, it was this team I was on, it was cause I was born with it…

NOPE! Nothing like that.

In fact, what they did say almost matched perfectly with what we have found after interacting with over 500,000 players over the last 15 years.

It came down to 3 things..

  1. COMMITMENT – 100% unwavering commitment to being the absolute best that you can be, no exceptions, no excuses, no distractions.
  2. SUPPORT – A support group that shares your high standards and commitment.
  3. GROWTH OUTSIDE OF BASEBALL – Personal growth and devleopment in all areas of life. NOT just baseball skills.

Because, I know this to be the reasons players succeed and I KNOW THAT IT’S HARD TO FIND A GROUP THAT SHARES AND UNDERSTANDS THESE VALUES….

I’m creating the 90mph Elite! I’m making the commitment to personally mentor 100 players (and their families) this year.

I want everyone in this group to experience all the success they can on the baseball field, but I’m more interested in our players becoming examples of excellence, leaders and, one day, great parents.

This program will serve as a platform for parents and players to establish a course of lifetime growth in all areas of life. We’ll use baseball as the great vehicle to get there.

In my life, baseball isn’t even in my Top 5…

  1. My faith
  2. My family
  3. My health
  4. My friends
  5. My team members

…all come first.

Baseball actually may not even be in the top 10.

But, what I’ve found and what all the greats I spoke to at the Yogi Museum found is that when those things are in place, the baseball stuff comes a lot easier and is a lot more fun.

We’re going to work hard on the baseball side, but just as hard on the personal side.

Here’s who this is NOT for…


  • are NOT willing to put in the work.
  • are irrational about their baseball careers.
  • are not team players.
  • are not willing to contribute to the growth of the entire group.
  • are not willing to commit to growth and excellence in all areas of life.
  • are only focused on baseball.
  • don’t find joy in seeing others succeed.
  • can’t keep commitments.


  • Players and parents who understand that life is more than baseball, but give their all to anything they commit to.
  • Players and parents who want to excel in all areas of life (family, faith, academics, social, athletics)
  • Parents and players who understand that there is a less than 1% chance of their son going to the Majors, but a 100% chance of them growing up to be a leaders and parents.
  • Parents and players who are committed to using baseball as a vehicle to success in all areas of life.
  • Parents and players who are willing to play the long game and learn the skills that will make them a success in all areas of life.
  • Parents and players who are focused on great careers and not just a great year.


AGES: Players of any age can apply

PARTICIPATION: Parents must be an active participant along with the player in this process.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership will be limited to just 100 players during this first wave. I cannot say if we will take more in the future.

APPLICATION: Applications will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.

INTERVIEW: The parent of each applicant will have a 15 interview with Paul to see if they (and their child) is a good fit for the program

PROGRAM DETAILS: The content and group interaction will happen in a private Facebook group. We will deliver weekly lessons in baseball and personal growth as well as special monthly guest webcasts. I’m gonna bring in a bunch of my friends to instruct as well. The Facebook group will allow daily interaction and masterminding. You can post questions, videos, helpful tips and resources.

TUITION: Elite memberships start at $99 per month.


STEP 1: Click the link below and reserve your spot by placing a $100 deposit. IMPORTANT – This does not mean you will be accepted. If we do not accept your application we will refund your deposit.

STEP 2: After you place your deposit, you’ll be sent an application page. Simply follow the instruction and submit.

STEP 3: I’ll personally review every application. If you are NOT accepted, we will notify you by email and return your deposit.

STEP 4: If you application IS accepted, you’ll be notified by email to set up a time for an interview with Paul. These interviews are conducted with the parents. During the interview, I’ll review the options with you and, if accepted, you can select your option then.

All the best,

Reddick Signature

PS – Here’s a few of my former Elite sutdents that I’ve very proud of…

Super 7 and Energy Pushed
Him Over The Top

My 10 year old son (just turned 10 in July), Aaron Nixon, increased his velocity from 57 mph to 61 mph within 3 weeks of using your program. The first week of August his team played at the 9U USSSA Elite 32 World Series in Orlando Florida. Aaron’s team is from Texas and he came into the quarter-final game against Team Miami (the #1 ranked 9U team in the Nation) in the 5th inning with no outs, his team leading by 1 run, with runners on second and third. Aaron struck out the first two batters he faced and got the third batter to pop up to the 1st baseman. In the 6th inning, he struck out the first three batters he faced and his team won the game. Aaron and I are convinced that your energy and super 7 workouts pushed him over the top.

Beau Nixon


Our son Jack pitched two scoreless today against one of our top competitors- his slider was nasty- one batter shook his head and he used his two seam to back door for a K and got them to hit into an inning ending double play. He tops at 82-83 and resting is upper 70′s. Today he used more of his body and his straight delivery to home plate was noticed by parents in the know.Jack is a junior-to-be at Naperville Central in Illinois state champs two years ago. He’s one of my pitchers on our travel team. We just started using 90mph this weekhe’s sore from muscles not previously used to this extent. Looking forward to the future with 90mph!

Tom Foote

Playing For The
National Team!!

Just wanted to thank you again for everything. Been doing the program for months now. Sitting 92-95 with a devastating slider and developing 2 seam. I’ll be heading out to Colombia with the 18u USA team. Wish us luck!

Nick Travieso

Pitchers Dream Come True:
Gained 10mph and GOT DRAFTED!

Coach Paul Reddick:

I’m emailing today to tell you my story and let you know all the things your program has done for me. First off I must say that the 90mph club is the best program there is. I pitched my college ball at a small division 2 school in Missouri. When I got there I had a very unimpressive fastball that was 82-84. My first two years at college I began suffering from arm injuries and missed a lot of time. After my sophomore season, I thought my baseball career was probably over, I kept having arm problems and I was pitching very poorly. It was during the summer of 2008 that I came across the 90mph club on the internet and thought about giving it a shot. Within weeks of doing the workouts and the long toss I noticed my stuff was getting better, I had more velocity, and best of all my arm injuries were no more. I went on to have a very good junior season, win the league pitcher of the year in summer ball after my junior season, and then became an all-conference pitcher my senior season at college.

My fastball had gone from 82-84 to 91-94 and my offspeed stuff was better than ever. Then two weeks ago I realized my dream when I was drafted by the Kansas City Royals. I have to give a lot credit to your program for where I am today. I would highly recommend this program to any pitcher who is serious about getting everything out of themselves.

Thanks for your time,
Christian Witt

What the Pros are Saying!
Goose Gossage
If you want to add MPH to your fastball and take your pitching to the next level then Paul Reddick is the way to go.
Goose Gossage,
Baseball Hall of Fame
Yogi Berra
Paul is a great coach who really knows his stuff. He’s the only guy I trust to run my camps.
Yogi Berra
Dave Eiland
My passion has always been helping pitchers get better. Paul Reddick shares that same passion. His program gives pitchers of all ages the right information and instruction to reach their goals.
Dave Eiland,
Pitching Coach
Kansas City Royals
Rick Honeycutt
For parents, pitchers and coaches who want the big league edge, I would recommend Paul Reddick’s 90mph Club. Paul is one of those guys who takes pitchers to the next level.
Rick Honeycutt,
Pitching Coach
LA Dodgers
Derek Johnson
I’ve been a subscriber of Paul Reddick and his 90mph club for years. I would recommend his program for any pitcher who wants to get to the next level.
Derek Johnson,
Pitching Coach
Milwaukee Brewers
Chris Sinacori
Paul, just wanted to say you do a great Job, and you always have great information. Keep up the great work. I'm sure you help so many kids all over the country.
Chris Sinacori
Pitching Coach
Wake Forest
Brent Kemnitz
I’m 100% behind the mission of Paul Reddick Baseball. They understand excellence both on and off the field
Brent Kemnitz,
Pitching Coach
Wichita State
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At Stalker, We stand behind Paul’s mission to help players, parents and coaches improve and enjoy all aspects of the game. Stalker is proud to be the official radar gun of the 90mph Club
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