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Video #1 – Advantages of the Change Up

The change can change your career.

It’s True. You’ll learn exactly how a change up can be a huge advantage to you.

This advantage is especially huge at the youth and HS levels of pitching.

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Video #2 – The Unhittable Change Up

Everything you’ll need to know about what makes a change up UNHITTABLE.

When you master these 4 simple steps you’ll have a change up that is unhittable.

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Video #3 – Change Up Myths

We’ve all heard them… – Slow down your body – Drag your back foot – Pull down the shade – Push it back in your palm – Throw a circle change

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

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Video #4 – Change Up Grips

One of the biggest areas of mistake by pitchers and pitching coaches. Most “grips” that are taught are 100% wrong and actually can make your change up weaker.

After watching this video you’ll have mastered the one and only essential grip for a change up.

HINT: It’s not the circle change either. The answer might surprise you.

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Video #5 – Change Up Checklist

You’ll know exactly what to have in check before you throw a change up.

You’ll automatically run through this checklist before every change up to guarantee that the change gets hitters out for you.

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Video #6 – Throwing the Change Up

Your complete guide to change up mechanics. You’ll know exactly what your body should be doing when throwing a change, exactly what the hitter should be seeing and when you should switch into change up mode.

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Video #7 – Getting Outs with the Change up

The change up is an extremely versatile pitch. You can use it to strike hitters out, get ground balls and even locate over the plate. You’ll have a complete plan for where and when to throw a change up.

*SECRET – When you throw a change up is almost more important than where.

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Video #8 – Change Up Drills

These everyday drills will install the change up for you. They take only minutes a day and can be easily added into your current warm up and practice sessions without adding more time.

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Video #9 – Change Up Strength

Having the “right” kind of strength is crucial to throwing a change up.

Pitchers that struggle with the change usually have a strength issue.

The best part is that this takes less than 5 minutes and makes throwing the change automatic.

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Video #10 – BONUS – Copy the Best Change Up’s Ever

Following along with me as I show you how the best pitchers in baseball history made hitters look foolish with a change up.

You’ll be able to easily copy what these pitchers did. You’ll see the right locations and movement that gets hitters out with the change.

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Video #11 – BONUS – Advanced Split Finger Fastball

The split can be just as devastating as the change up.

While I don’t think it’s the right pitch for every pitcher, I do believe that there are many pitchers that can master this pitch and dominate with it.

I’ll also walk you through what the best split-finger fastball pitcher of all time did to dominate hitters.

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