Don’t even talk to me about velocity development, hitting power, or becoming a better baseball player unless…

…you’re going to also talk to me about nutrition, too. Since we started, we have always advocated for players to be spending as much time on their nutrition, as they are on the skills of the game.

If you take a well designed race car with a supped up engine, put a great driver behind the wheel and put bad fuel in the car, that car is NOT going to operate at its full capacity.

Here’s the danger, that car can still beat a lot of cars on the road.

Here’s when it’s going to lose: When it comes up against a car that’s got a good design, a good engine, good driver, AND PROPER FUEL….IT’S GONNA GET SMOKED!

Competition in todays game is as fierce as its ever been. Players today have access to elite training and the best coaches. When you run up against someone who’s done everything you have to compete, you’re going to need a competitive advantage. We want YOU to have that advantage!

FACT: Working on your nutirtion is the easiest way to make performace improvements. You don’t have to add practice time or training time. There is no easier way to get better than making some easy tweaks to your nutirtion. You can start fueling yourself right today and feel the benefits the same day.


Are you are losing velocity on the mound or power at the plate?

Do you think that you’ve got more velocity or power inside of you, but can’t seem to reach back and grab it?

Are losing velocity or getting fatigued as games go on?

Are you losing endurance?

Do you just feel like you should have more in the tank?

I guarantee you, your nutrition is playing a part in that.

Let’s face facts..

Kids play baseball between the ages of 7 – 17 and most players have less than perfect nutrition during that time :]

Because we know this, we partnered with Xan Barksdale to bring you Big League Nutrition. Xan is the first guy to put together simple, effective, and an easy to follow nutrition plan specifically for baseball players.

How does he know this is going to work for baseball players? Because he WAS a pro baseball player! He’s now a college baseball coach. He knows the habits of baseball players. He knows the day to day life of todays baseball player.

He also knows what the realities of what players will actually do, and he’s built this plan to be a program that players will actually follow and stick to.

In Big League Nutrition, Xan’s going to walk you through the general guidelines for nutrition and why it’s so important for you to be operating at your peak potential. It’s a lot simpler than you think to get the right fuel in your system.

Need to gain weight? Lose weight? Xan has you covered. There’s a chapter that deals with both. Xan hands you the exact plans for weight loss or weight gain. Both of these start with nutrition.

He’s also going to take you through the simple building blocks of nutrition for a baseball player. How many carbs? How many fats? How much proteins do you need in each of your meals for your specific body type?

The proper timing of your food is going to give you the right fuel at the right time to have a competitive advantage and be mentally focused. If you don’t eat the right food, at the right time, you’re not going to perform at your highest level. Its as simple as that. You’d be surprised the difference that a small shift in meal timing can make.

You’ll know exactly what to eat pre-game for energy and focus, but also post game to aid in recovery. We spend all this time with ice packs, heat packs, compression…the biggest thing we can do for recovery is putting the right foods in our system, post game.

The way we recover is the way we play!

HINT #1: There’s a right time for eating after a game, too. You need to know it to maximize recovery.

THIS IS HUGE: You’re getting adjusted sample meal plans if you’re playing a morning, afternoon or night game. This way you’ll be perfectly fueld when the first pitch is thrown.

Being de-hydrated costs you energy, power, speed and mental focus. Most players are not drinking enough fluids pre-game, during the game and post game. When you’re dehydrated you’re body has to work a lot harder to produce energy.

You’re also getting a complete hydration program. You’ll know exactly how much water you should be drinking. In fact, you’ll get a chart that will tell you how to meaure you’re level of hydration…even in the middle of a game. This way you’ll be able to get fluids in your system exactly when you need them.

HINT #2: If you’re thirsty, you’re dehydrated. Your leaving power and velocity on the table.

Nobody knows whats safe to take anymore. We don’t know the dangers, and players are getting all kinds of conflicting (and sometimes dangerous) advice on what to take and where to get it from.

THIS IS SCARY! There was a study done, that the supplements bought at CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid, and most drug stores, and supermarkets, contained none of the ingredients it claimed to have. Taking the right supplements, and making sure you understand which supplements are the best for you, is key. Xan will walk you through this too.

Baseball players are on the road a lot. We travel to tournaments, games, showcases. Here’s what tricky about baseball nutrition. Nobody knows how long a baseball game is going to be! There’s no time limits. You don’t know if you’re game will be 2 hours, or 3 1/2 hours. Its ery hard to prepare nutritionally for this. Don’t worry, Xan has you covered.

A lot of times, after a game we’re eating whatever is fast. That’s just the reality of the game. Xan going to take you through the menus all of the most popular restaurants in the country, one by one, to show you what to order. Now, you’ll never be able to get stuck eating something that could have an effect on your performance.

If you want:

  1. Unlimited energy
  2. Mental focus
  3. More power at the plate
  4. More velocity on the mound
  5. More speed on the base paths

…then nutrition has got to be a fundamental part of your program.

Download Big League Nutrition right now. You can download this book, and get started fueling yourself properly today.


All of these college coaches are sending you a message! They’re are all telling you that if you want to play at the next level, nutrition is going to be as important as any baseball skill you can master!

John Savage, Head Coach, UCLA

For our athletes nutrition has the same importance as our strength and condition program. The athletes have demanding schedules; the season can be a long grind and they need the energy to perform on the field and in the classroom – that is why it is so import that our athletes take care of their bodies by fueling-up correctly.

John Cohen, Head Coach, Mississippi State University

Playing baseball at the collegiate level can be a grind. Without proper strength and conditioning, along with appropriate drill work the player has little opportunity to develop. But without nutrition and rest, the player cannot reach his potential.

Kevin O’Sullivan, Head Coach, Florida

The value of a proper diet and good nutrition has become increasingly important for optimizing a baseball player’s performance. Food provides us the energy to train/practice and the building blocks to grow. Baseball players who train/practice at a high intensity must be properly fueled in order to reach their physical and mental potential on the field. Consistent eating patterns and attention to a balanced diet will provide the player with the benefits of good nutrition. Proper nutrition and weight control is a lifelong habit; teach your players proper guidelines now.

Andy Lopez, Head Coach, Arizona

I’ve been a part of two national championship teams (1992 & 2012) and both of those teams had a few things in common. The most noticeable was the level of attention to detail. Not just on the playing field, but off the field too. To endure a 70+ game college baseball season athletes need to properly fuel their bodies for peak performance and pay great attention to what they eat. Big League Nutrition is an excellent guide for baseball players to learn how to make smart decisions about what to put into their bodies whether they have time to prepare a meal, or need quick meal on-the-go.

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