Bob Morgan, Former Indiana University Head Coach – one of the most successful coaches in NCAA history – shares the career secrets that took him 30 years of WINNING to discover….

“You’ll learn What It Really Takes To Become
A Smart, DOMINATE Baseball Coach
Discover How You Can Inspire and Motivate Any Team
To Reach Their Maximum Potential”

Legendary Baseball Coach Bob Morgan reveals the
Secrets and the Wisdom that allowed him to win 1,070
and become the 11th Winningest Baseball
Coach in NCAA History.

Bob Morgan is a lot of things… former professional pitcher with the Detroit Tigers, teacher, nationally-known college coach and baseball legend.

But the thing that he is most known for is his winning attitude, his ability to motivate a team and the methods he uses to help each player reach his maximum potential.

And now you have the chance to read his own words and learn from his lifetime of experience WINNING GAMES in NCAA Baseball

To: Baseball Coaches – at any level – Who Want To WIN Games, Inspire Players To Greatness and Get The Edge To Out-Perform Any Other Coach In Your League…

As a baseball coach, there is a lot of pressure to have a winning team.

Not only do you have the organization or the school expecting wins… you also have parents you have to deal with :]

But… most importantly… being a coach means that you have an entire team of kids who look-up to you and expect you to lead them to victories.

And it’s YOUR JOB to motivate these players, prepare them for every possible situation and instill the attitude that will help them WIN as a team.

There IS a BIG Difference Between a Baseball Coach and a
WINNING Baseball Coach…

A good baseball coach plays to WIN.

Let’s fact it… it’s the reason you are here RIGHT NOW. You are searching for some wisdom, some technique or a few, new drills that will make your team just 1% better.

  • You want to get the most out of you players…
  • You want to help your kids improve their game…
  • And you want their skills to SHINE during each and every game…

Well, the truth is that becoming a winning baseball coach has nothing to do with drills or exercise programs…

And it’s not all about strategies or coaching techniques…

Want To Be A Legendary Coach?

Then You Gotta Have The Right ATTITUDE.

There is one little thing that makes the biggest difference in people… and that one little thing is attitude.

If you want to be a great coach and lead team after team through winning seasons and to major championships… you gotta have the attitude that will set you apart from all the other coaches and teams.

And there is no doubt that Bob Morgan has this winning attitude…

It’s what lead him to become the 11th winningest baseball coach in NCAA history. It’s what took him to an impressive 1,070 wins over his career at The College of Wooster, Kent State University, and Indiana University.

Bob can – and will – teach you exactly how to develop the right conditioning, rock-solid techniques, and show you how to develop a winning offensive and defensive strategy.

This knowledge alone can propel you to a whole, new level in your coaching career.

But it’s Bob’s ideas and philosophy on ATTITUDE that will change the way you
think and give you the edge over every coach you face.

Bob Morgan’s Baseball Manual

Over the years Bob has collected a lifetime of wisdom about working with players, developing game-winning techniques and inspiring motivation and the right attitude for success.

And with this wisdom he created a manual that is quickly becoming THE essential reading for baseball coaches at all levels.

In Bob Morgan’s Baseball Manual, he covers everything from his coaching techniques he uses … to the most effective coaching theories… to the basic policies and procedures he makes his players follow.

And in this manual, you will learn…

  • Bob’s philosophy on coaching baseball, building a team and winning championships
  • Every detail about crafting a perfect pitch and helping a pitcher find their style
  • How to develop game-winning solutions when you are playing a losing game.
  • The method to classify hitters and decipher what they think on certain counts… and how you can use this knowledge to win a game.
  • Why you should never back away from a challenge… and when all great coaches know when to become even more aggressive
  • How great coaches get the most out of every player on their team – every time they take the field.
  • The drills each positions need, the techniques each player needs to develop and the mental game that every coach should inspire.
  • Simple Policies and Procedures Bob personally sets for his team
  • The 6 C’s of successful pitching
  • How to read – and choose the right pitching according to the situation
  • The secret to getting your team working in rhythm… so you can set your own tempo for the entire game.
  • The most effective methods coaches can use to develop good team mechanics
  • How to use “the self-coaching system” to skyrocket your player’s confidence
  • The mental and emotional make-up of a winning coach and team
  • How to remain a mystery to your opponents
  • What it takes to get any team to “make things happen” on the field
  • The game-changing philosophy on great hitting
  • The secrets to playing great offensive baseball
  • Fundamental hitting techniques that make win/lose difference in games
  • The key to developing teamwork and a group mind… set on winning

And this is just a quick overview at the information that you will learn in Bob Morgan’s Baseball Manual.

This is the wisdom that every baseball coach – at any level – needs to discover. This is your chance to learn the straight-forward truth about successful baseball coaching… from one of the most impressive coaches in baseball history.

Learn Game-Winning Secrets From The 11th
Winningest Baseball Coach in NCAA’s History

Bob Morgan’s Baseball Manual is NOT a coaching program that contains a list of drills or practice routines.

This is NOT a book about statistics or practice plans.

The information you find in Bob Morgan’s Baseball Manual is knowledge you will carry with you for your entire coaching career.

To be completely honest, this is a bare-bones book.

No frills. No fancy graphics or illustrations.

Just “black and white” baseball wisdom from one of the
most successful baseball coaches in history.

Bob knows that baseball is just as much physical as it is mental… and he knows that great coaches need to be able to master both.

That is why this manual was developed to give you both…

  • The methods and the tactics to coaching skilled and physical players
  • And teach you how to motivate your ball players and ensure they master their “mental game”

And since Bob Morgan is legendary for his ability to motivate, there is no better baseball coach to learn it from….

  • You’ll learn how to work with an entire team… and still get each individual to play his best.
  • You’ll know how to use motivation to turn an entire game around – even during a losing struggle.
  • You’ll be clear on how to bolster the right skills … both physically and mentally.. within each player.
  • You’ll be able to eliminate mental mistakes and get every member of the team working towards one, common goal…winning.
  • With this manual you’ll read – in Bob’s own words – the secrets that made him a legend and helped him coach 1,070 wins over his career.

Become A Coach With Unstoppable Confidence,
Give All Your Players The Right Attitude And
Inspire Your Team To WIN!

This one manual can help you become a stronger coach, a better coach… and can allow you to connect with and motivate your players better than ever before.

If you have ever left a game feeling completely defeated…

If you have ever shown-up to a practice without your full confidence…

If you have ever wondered how the greatest baseball coaches in history managed to build such strong, powerful, winning teams…

Then this manual is for you.

  • You will gain complete control over the entire game and every player on the fired… every time you play.
  • You will find the right attitude… a winning attitude… that will excite your players and lead you to victory after victory.
  • You will learn the most effective methods and techniques for working with your players – and teaching them how to effectively “self coach”.
  • You will start to improve your team’s “mental game” while you take their skills to their fullest potential
  • You will gain more respect from your players, their parents and the school.
  • You will put yourself in a great position to advance your career to that next level.

Bob Morgan’s Baseball Manual will change the way you think about coaching baseball… and open your eyes to a new way of thinking about coaching, winning and the game of baseball itself.

And this manual is a must-have for any coach. You can read it and learn the steps, then keep it as a reference for your entire coaching career.

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But Bob Morgan’s Baseball Manual is NOT a coaching program that contains a list of drills or practice routines. This is NOT a book about statistics or practice plans.

The information you find in Bob Morgan’s Baseball Manual is knowledge you will carry with you for your entire coaching career.

To be completely honest, this is a bare-bones book.

No frills. No fancy graphics or illustrations.

Just “black and white” baseball wisdom from one of the most
successful baseball coaches in history.

If Bob’s Secrets Improve Your Coaching Skills By Just 1%…

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