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The Benefits and Big Misconceptions

Before you learn How to throw a Curveball, you should first understand WHY you want a good Curveball in the first place – we’re talking about the Benefits of a Good Curveball. You’ll also learn the truth behind some of the Biggest Misconceptions people have about the Curveball, and why developing a good Curveball means remembering Rule #1: Always Develop Your Fastball!

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Understanding the Curveball – What Makes it Work

The best Curveball Pitchers in the game are always guys who have a High-Level Understanding of this pitch and what makes it work. Having that Understanding is often what separates the pitcher with a Great Curveball from the pitcher with a mediocre one. In these videos you’ll learn all about Air Pressure & Spin, Arm Slot and the Axis of Rotation, the Fastball/Curveball Combo & Reverse Rotations, and more!

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Building Block #1: The Grip

Here we start laying the Foundation, going over the 3 things you Must get right to throw a good Curveball – and I call these the 3 Building Blocks of a Big League Curveball… In Building Block #1, you’ll learn all about the 3 Main Points of Contact, King Middle Finger and the Role of the Index Finger on your Curveball (hint: it’s not what a lot of people think!). You also learn the Killer Mistakes to Avoid and get 3 Bonus Tips for increasing leverage and tighter spin.

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Building Block #2: Setting the Hook

Once you have your grip, throwing a good Curveball really comes down to having the right hand and wrist position, or what I like to call Setting the Hook. In these videos you’ll learn all about proper Hand & Wrist position, When to Set the Hook (Set it and Forget It) and why fastball, fastball, fastball, Curveball! can get you in trouble.

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Building Block #3: Maintaining the Hook

Once you have that Hook set, the Secret to throwing a Nasty Curveball is maintaining it through ball release with a Strong Middle Finger. In these videos you’ll also learn about Dropping the Hammer vs. Turning the Doorknob, Curveball Release and Natural Pronation, and get and easy way for pitchers to begin working on the Curveball without twisting the wrist. Mess this up and you’ll never be able to throw a truly Nasty Curveball!

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The 3 Step Process for Developing Your Curveball

Understanding How to throw the Curveball is important, but if you want to avoid Costly Mistakes, you need to have an Effective Process. In these videos you’ll learn all about the Simple 3-Step Process for developing a good Curveball, how to get the right Feel for Your Curveball Release, and learn 2 Killer Mistakes to Avoid when Developing Your Curveball. Following this exact process is the Secret Sauce of the Curveball Mastery System.

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The Curveball Starter Drills

Before you start throwing your Curveball from the mound, you really need to get consistent with your Curveball Release and make sure you’ve programmed in the right feel. The Curveball Starter Drills help you lock in the Feel for Building Blocks 2 and 3, and give you the Foundation you need before moving on to Mastering Your Curveball on the Mound. These Drills are your Bread & Butter that you can return to again and again to consistently get the right Feel for your Curveball.

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Keys for Mastering Your Curveball on the Mound

One of the Killer Mistakes pitchers make when developing their Curveball is starting to throw it too fast, too soon. And if you fall into this Trap, you’ll Never develop a truly Nasty Curveball. In these videos, you’re getting the Exact Process to follow as you begin throwing your Curveball from the mound, including Keys for Establishing Your Curveball on the Mound, 2 Big Mechanical Issues (and how to avoid them), the Art of Changing Speeds with Your Curveball, Setting Your Sights and Commanding Your Curveball. Here you’re getting everything you need to develop your Curveball on the mound so you can Dominate in the game.

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Bonus Video 1: The Secret Tool Anyone Can
Use for Mastering Their Curveball

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Bonus Video 2: Breaking Free of Mechanics &
Becoming One with the Ball

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Bonus Vioeo 3: Taking a Look at Arm Slot &
How it Affects Your Curveball

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Bonus Video 4: The Four Main Curveball Types and How the Best Pitchers Use their Curveball

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The Curveball Mastery Cheat Sheets

These concise Reference Guides give you quick, easy to follow checklists to keep you on track in your training to make sure you’re getting the most out of this System.

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