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6 Reasons Why You Should Learn “Baseball’s Hottest Pitch?

1. It’s versatile. You can throw the cutter in any count, any situation. You could throw it 3-1 right over the plate, you could throw it 0-0 as a first pitch strike, or you could throw it 1-2, 0-2, or 2-2 as an out pitch.

2. It’s difficult for a hitter to read. Because it’s part of the fastball family it looks like a fastball coming out of your hand and ends up moving deep on the hitter.

3. Hitters don’t see it a lot. A hitter can only hit what he’s experienced. If they haven’t seen it much, they can’t react and adapt to it.

4. It’s easy to learn. You can learn it today and throw it tomorrow.

5. It’s Safer and easier to learn than a curveball.

6. You don’t have to deviate from who you are to throw a cutter a lot of times when kids go to learn the curve ball, they alter their mechanics, they alter their style, and the pitch ends up suffering.

Cutter Myths

Being blunt, this is pitch it just taught wrong. Coaches teach to grip the ball off-center, put pressure on one finger, point the index finger at release…crazy time…100% wrong. That will only give you and inconsistent pitch. I’ve never met a pitcher doing those things that could consistently predict how their cutter was going to move. And when you can’t consistently predict how it’s going to move, how can you consistently predict how to use it? Throwing the cutter requires only one thing. If you nail this you will get the same thing that Rivera used for 20 years to dominate.

Grip & Mechanics

You must have a solid base of mechanics to throw any pitch, and especially with the cutter. The good news, though, as you read this, if you’re throwing a fastball and you have moderate command of that fastball, you should easily be able to adopt and throw a cutter. The mechanics of a fastball and the mechanics of a cutter are the same. There’s only really one change that we need to make with your release point. The cool thing with grip is that there’s no one grip.

I’ll show you in this video how you can apply several different grips based on the way you feel and make the pitch do the exact same thing.

Striking Hitters Out With A Cutter

Striking hitters out with a cutter is all about how it moves, where you place it, when you throw it, and how you throw it. When you combine all those aspects, you have a cutter that is very difficult for hitters to pick up, adapt to and hit. You’re putting the hitter in a situation to have to read two different pitches that look the same and the more difficult position that you can put the hitter in, the easier it is to get them out.

The Sandman’s Cutter

We watched for 20 years Mariano Rivera, the most famous thrower of the cut fastball, throw this pitch with unbelievable accuracy and dominate with a pitch that everybody knew was coming. We’re going to analyze step-by-step just how he threw his cutter and how he got hitters out with it consistently. You’ll also be able to use these videos to visualize ways that you can throw an effective cutter.

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4 Days Only

Normally $100 Retail $67

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