How To Talk To Coaches,
Scouts, And Recruiters

We All Know It’s Important To Make A Great First Impression, But Have You Ever Wondered Exactly How To Do That In The World Of Baseball?

Let’s just be honest it’s hard to approach travel ball coaches, elite team coaches, college coaches, recruiters, scouts. A Dad can wonder how to talk to them in a way that doesn’t make you look like the overbearing dad who thinks his kid is the next Micky Mantle or are you too humble and don’t say enough (or nothing at all) and miss your moment.

It’a difficult course for a parent or player to navigate.

Up until now, there has not been a playbook for these conversations.

One wrong word and you could blow it.

These coaches can also be very intimidating. They don’t make themselves very inviting for conversation.

And to make matters worse, we only get a few shots at this. It’s not like something we can do a whole bunch of times and get better at it, right? These opportunities, usually come down to just a few minutes and we have to make the most of them, and we can’t miss the moments when they come.

Darrell Coulter and I, you know Darrell from the STARTT Pitching program, got together to create an audio master class that will guide through exactly what to say to an coach at a tryout (travel, high school , college …its all the same stuff to say), what to say to college coaches and recruiters and how to be prepared when the day comes that a pro scout shows up at your sons game.

After listening to this audio master class, you’ll know your role as a parent in these conversations. You’ll know when to step up and when you back off and know exactly what to say and when to say it.

You’ll also have the confidence to know how to handle the stages of recruiting and the proper communication between you and the coach and your son and the coach. There’s a crucial time that you want to hand the ball off to your son.

You’ll also be clear on what you should ask of coaches, recruiters, and scouts that will reveal where your son stands.

All this and much more. You’ll be wanting to listen to this audio master class over and over.

Quite honestly, this one master class could change your son’s career.

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