Throw Harder, Get Consistent Velocity All Game, Locate With Control And Command & Unleash Your Full Velocity Potential Every Time You Take The Mound!

Did you know?

A recent study shows that, by the end of a baseball season, over 95% of pitchers’ shoulders will be out of position? When this happens, your shoulder stops functioning properly, which means you can’t rear back and throw with the velocity you should be able to. Your body literally cannot put your shoulder in the position to access the velocity inside you. This affects not only velocity, but control, command, durability, velocity consistency, and recovery. It also puts you at increase risk of injury. It just messes up everything.

There are 18 muscles that attach to your scapula. These are endurance muslces that need to be trained with high reps and light load. You’re not going to hit these in a traditional weight room workout. You can actually make it worse with traditional type training.

How do you fix this?


Pitching throws your shoulder out of whack. That’s what causes all of these problems. Just for you, we’ve developed a program that, if done daily, will prevent your shoulder from ever getting out of position.

The best part is that it takes about 10 minutes per day to do and requires absolutely zero equipment. Think of this like putting daily deposits in your velocity bank account. Every time you pitch, you take a little out, this program puts it back in, so that you’re body is firing on all cylinders, so you can:

  • Throw harder in order to strike out more hitters, set up different pitches, and dominate on the mound.
  • Hit your spots so you can expand the plate, keep hitters off balance, and catch more hitters leaning.
  • Stay in games longer – When your shoulder is functioning properly you’ll have a new found endurance that will allow you to throw longer without risk of injury.
  • Be primed for the championship phase of the season. Did you know, if you don’t do these exercises daily that you’ll be entering the championship phase of your season operating far below your potential?

That’s nuts. Especially when the fix is just a few minutes per day.


Check to see what kind of share your shoulder is in right now. Most pitchers will have a forward head and a shoulder that is low and slightly forward. This program fixes that.


This is to prime your shoulder and neck for the work ahead. Going too fast into shoulder exercises often cause damage and have a negative effect on your training. Plus, we’ll train positions for breaking balls and offspeed pitches.


This is where you’ll really start to feel the power of this program. When you’re done with this part of the training, you’ll feel stability and strength in your shoulder you’ve never experienced. Plus, you’ll feel about 2 inches taller, too.


My pitchers love the part for a few reasons. They feel immediate results from these exercises and they also see what it produces over the long haul. These are challenging but when you stand up you’ll feel amazing.

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As funny as it sounds, it’s a critical part of a pitchers training program. The shoulder is connected all the way down to the glute. You gotta wake it up daily. Since most of us sit all day, the glute can get a little “sleepy”. These two daily exercises will wake it up.


Moving up from the glute, the T-Spine area can get very tight in pitchers. If this area is tight, it prevents that energy generated from the lower half from flowing up into the shoulder. A healthy shoulder needs a T-Spine that functions.


These were inspired by Coach Ron Wolforth. I love these for explosive med ball tosses for pitchers. In all my years, I haven’t seen many drills that can compete with these 3.

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