In this course YOU’ll Master

  • How to hit with more power in less than one hour by eliminating the hidden tension in your swing
  • How to make your BP and “lesson” swing actually show up in games
  • A super simple formula that reveals how effortless power happens and what you must do to tap into it.
  • One simple coaching technique that gives a player access to the effortless power trapped inside him already (it’s so advanced it’s simple to do)
  • How the “hidden” decision you make each time you step to the plate shapes your destiny as a hitter – and what Hank Aaron, Derek Jeter, Rod Carew, Pete Rose, Alex Rodriquez, Stan Musial and more told me they decided on the way to the plate that gave them the “Hall of Fame” edge;
  • The one idea you MUST get if you want any chance at CONSISTENTLY hitting with effortless power;
  • Simple drills that:
    1. Train you to hit tension-free (Lesson 9)
    2. Suck the slowness out of your hands (Lesson 10)
    3. Turn your barrel into a ball-seeking missile (Lesson 12)
    4. Train you to recognize the spin of the ball (Lesson 14)
  • How to clear anger, frustration and fear in minutes so you can step to the plate loose and free to hit (Lesson 15)
  • How to quickly and easily “let go” of a bad AB so you can step in the box bursting with confidence, even if you’re 0 for 3 (in Lesson 16 you’ll watch me do this with a player — just follow along!)
  • The do-it-yourself process that transforms your self-defeating thoughts about your hitting into unstoppable confidence
  • 3 “ninja” stress-beating techniques that were used by the Cardinals in the 2012 World Series to help players play their best under pressure — you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to get rid of fear and tension just before you hit.
  • A step-by-step printout checklist that makes it “effortless” to make these drills a part of your daily practice routine

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