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  • Discover the best workouts to do after your games and practices so you can build mental and physical strength (these workouts can be done in minimal time without any fancy equipment) …
  • Learn exactly how to utilize and implement these workouts so you can get the most out of each practice.
  • Uncover the 3 amazing ab workouts that will improve core strength, stability and rotational power so you can throw harder and start hitting the ball with more authority.
  • 3, 10-minute energizing bodyweight baseball workouts that will push you to your limits while you build power-endurance.
  • 3 running routines that are perfect to do during practice or after games to get you and your team in the best “baseball shape”.
  • How to prevent injury and improve mobility and flexibility with these 3 awesome active recovery workouts without any special equipment.
  • 3 bodyweight “ladder” routines that will improve full body strength (hint: these workouts are designed to be done on the baseball field)…
  • You will improve your conditioning with zero-equipment through the specialized “Baseball Tabata Workouts”.
  • Get instant access to 15 videos that break down exactly how to perform each workout in the program so you can take your baseball game to the next level.
  • Learn the best coaching cues to use as well as common technique to mistakes to absolutely avoid at all costs.

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