18,000 Coaches Survey

We survey over 18,000 High School Coaches, College Coaches and Professional Scouts and asked them what it really takes to get noticed, what their top players did to get noticed and what every player should know about getting to the next level fast.

Their answers blew us away. We got thousands of responses. We boiled them all down to this report that gives you the insider information that’s just not available to other players.

There’s no other place on earth you can get this type of information. This could be an unfair advantage for you when you show up at try outs, tournaments and showcase.

You’ll know what they’ll be looking for way in advance. It will make you stand out above the competition.

Development Domination Interview

We sat down with Ron and Jill and grilled them about the absolute best way to bring a player up through the amateur ranks. They would know!!! Not only is their son climbing fast through the elite ranks but they also run the premier baseball development facility in the country.

They’ve seen it from every angle and can really short cut the process for you. They’ll also help you avoid a lot of the common mistake that parents and players make that can cost them big.

Seven Steps to Getting Noticed

This program is based on everything I saw during my 12 years as a scout. I watched players use theses techniques to put themselves in prime view of coaches, scout and recruiters. It practically places you in the program of your dreams.

It always amazed me at how simple the process was to install, but how few used it.

This process, when added to the insider information you’ll learn from the Coaches Report & the Ron & Jill Wolforth Interview, will put you right where you need to be, in front of the right coaches and on the right team.

Our 12 Month Money Back Guarantee

Before you go ahead and hit the “Add To Cart” button below I need to know that YOU’RE now totally comfortable and feeling secure. That’s why we’re putting 100% of the risk squarely on our shoulders.

YOU can relax knowing that you are completely protected by our

One Year 100% Money Back Guarantee.

We’re not jerks. If you’re not happy we’ll make it right. If our product doesn’t deliver as promised let us know. You’ll get your money back on the spot and you can still keep the program.

There’s no risk. It’s all on us. You can feel secure hitting the Add to Cart button knowing you’ full protected and we’re going to take good care of you.


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Our DVD’s are not fancy or made to win film awards. We create these programs with the intention of only giving you the best information you can use in an easy-to-understand style.

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