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The Law of “Who and Do”

“Who” Your Son Is vs. What Your Son “Does” – Focus too much on what he “does,” and you’ll lose your connection to who he is. Learn how to build a thriving connection to “who” your son is, no matter what he “does” (even in life outside baseball).

Do you know what your son values? What is important to him at the deepest level? Discover how to bring a better understanding of what your son values into every activity they do in baseball and out.

Avoiding the “Greatest Mistake” – Every baseball dad I’ve ever talked to (and I talk to DOZENS each week) has told me about a moment in time where they mixed priorities and put what their son “does” before “who” he is. Let me keep you from making this mistake.

7 Guiding Principles to Live By – Learn how to work with your son to develop a set of values that will guide your relationship, guide his life, and help him develop into a better player, teammate, and adult.

And much more as you learn to build a better relationship based on who your son truly is.

The Law of Importance

How to find what actually motivates your son, following step-by-step though a series of guided exercises designed to help you get to the core of what keeps him going (the most shocking part is that he doesn’t even know what it is yet—but you will).

Why you’re going about motivation the wrong way and how to bridge the gap between what motivates you and what motivates him.

Is it your job to motivate your son? Some would say “no,” but it actually might be your job – find out when I help you identify your son’s intrinsic motivators.

Guided Exercises – Designed to help you find out what’s important to your son, what makes him “feel important,” and why. Learn this and you’ll be able to help him over any obstacle, no matter how hard.

Help him find what’s actually important (not just what feels important) with a guided set of step-by-step exercises I’ll show you that unlock 3 things that are most important and 5 things he feels are important.

And more as you hand your son the key to unlocking his true potential.

Before, During and After a Game

“Say This” Before Game Time – Are you ready to learn what to say to your son, how to say it, and why saying it will get him fired up and ready to perform at his peak? Pre-game motivation and inspiration may not be what you think it is at all.

How to handle everything has gone wrong. He’s playing one of his worst games of the season and the team is counting on him. Do you know what to tell him to turn it around? Let me show you how to immediately unlock his full potential and turn his game around on a dime.

Specific Conversation Examples – We’ll work through these conversation scenarios step-by-step and you’ll learn what to say before game time, what to say during, and how to handle the car ride home.

Why you need to stop ignoring the “bad” and learn these conversation strategies for dealing with the aftermath of “off days,” blown plays, and lost games. Don’t just sit in silence. Help your son learn and grow as a player.

And much, much more as you learn how to help your son grow as a player through conversation, feedback, and reflection.

Magic Words

“Magic Words” that work instantly and bring out the best in players (and people in general). Use them with your son during a game, get him out of a slump, or even take them off the field and use them at home to get the lawn mowed and the dishes done.

Right Words, Right Answers – Linguists agree that the right combination of words can recall the answers your son’s brain needs to dig out of the trap of seconded guessing that threatens to keep him from progressing.

How to ask better questions and guide your son to the answers he needs to understand what it is he wants from the game, from life, even from academics and a future career.

Word-for-Word Examples, Phrases, and “Copy This” Conversations – Just get access today, follow along, and I’ll show you exactly what to say to trigger the Magic Words your son needs to hear.

And much more!

Transformational Vocabulary

Do you understand the power of your words? Every single word we use as parents has the potential to stick. If you’re not studying and practicing careful vocabulary, you’re putting your relationship with your son at risk.

Why inaction is not an option. By ignoring the words, phrases, and concepts you use to talk about baseball, sport, motivation, competition, and more, you may be hurting your son’s future.

How to create positive transformations with words. Many of the transformations that we attribute to conversations are negative. I’ll guide you to the creation of positive transformations that last and grow as your son grows.

20+ Ways to Replace Negativity with Positivity – Turn around the common phrases that hurt and harm and replace them with positive facing words that foster incredible transformations in motivation, positive thinking, self-belief, and more.

And more as you discover how you can shape your son’s future with transformational vocabulary.

The Third Word

Why to look out for the third word after “I am.” Do you know what he says after “I am?” I am _______. I am ______. Here’s why you should be listening, and how you should respond.

Self-Esteem Killers – These are the thoughts your son is already expressing to you that—when ignored—turn him from motivated, happy, and adapted to depressed and “in a slump.”

How to face the pressure of the socially-driven world. When you and I grew up, the pace of life was different. Today’s kids just don’t have the luxury of time that we have today. The impact of fast-paced social media interactions, social feedback and more just adds up too fast – I’ll give you exercises to deal with it.

Techniques to build stronger self-talk, positive self-image, and an attitude of achievement. Take “I am not meant for that” out of his self-talk vocabulary and open the door to limitless achievement in sport and beyond.

And much more!

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