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    What’s So Great About This?

  • The simplest, most powerful techniques pro trainers use to get their players in top shape and “injury proof” their bodies. With kettlebells, you’ll almost never worry about injuries again … while at the same time becoming one of the most well-conditioned athletes on your team, or even your entire league
  • You’ll also BE TWICE AS EXPLOSIVE… just by strengthening and stabilizing muscle groups that most players, coaches and even trainers ignore
  • Did you know that a huge percentage of your power comes from your back? Here’s how to instantly boost the effectiveness of overlooked “back muscles,” bringing massive stability and strength to other parts of your body
  • Traditional weight training often makes you tight and bulky, reducing your power! Yet with Kettlebells for Baseball, you’ll never worry about that … because the entire program is based on highly fluid, full-body movements that give you smooth power to your muscles and aid in virtually every baseball motion or movement
  • No need to waste endless hours in the gym, with questionable results. For the first time ever – kettlebells will help you save tons time and hassle, by combining strength training, conditioning, flexibility training and mobility … all into one, simple training program that’s far more effective
  • Many players try risky at-home exercises that often lead to injury. Don’t put your season or even your career in jeopardy! With Kettlebells for Baseball, you’ll get dozens of super-safe, easy-to-do exercises that quickly correct muscular imbalances and help prevent your body from breaking down
  • You’ll also Double your grip, your wrist and your arm strength — WITHOUT any added work, additional exercises or reps!
  • Why Do I Need It?

  • You’ll discover the secret to building highly “functional” muscle that leads to radically better performance in every area – from speed … to strength … and even timing! (Coaches and trainers suddenly will be blown away by how much more “athletic” and “complete” you become as a player)
  • You’ll know how to rapidly build “fast twitch muscle fibers” that help you POWER through the strike zone, and get more “snap” in your throwing motion – using just a few “swinging” exercises that will have your friends shaking their head in disbelief … until they see the massive difference in your game!
  • Bottom line, there’s not a single area of your performance that won’t be improved by kettlebell training – you’ll extend further, run faster, hit the ball harder and have more endurance on the field – IN ONLY 6 WEEKS
  • Ultimately, you’ll quickly become one of the best athletes on your team and blow past your peers and competition – with a complete, day-by-day training program that’s leverages that leverages cutting edge breakthroughs in strength-training/conditioning and produces instantly noticeable results
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  • Yes*, we can give you over 60% off *But, only cause you asked
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  • Normally $97 Just $9.97. But, only cause it’s you

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