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To: All Players, Dad and Coaches

If you’re like most baseball coaches around the country, your most pressing goal is to make your boys as successful as they can be next season.

You want to give them the skills and guidance that they need to meet their full potential.

Most coaches make the mistake of only training the body…

They focus on teaching pitchers the proper mechanics to throw faster and more accurate pitches.

They focus on the grips required to throw a variety of pitches such as the fastball, the curve, and the change up.

Mechanics ARE important, but they’re not enough. 

You see, the greatest teams in the game of baseball, and their greatest pitchers, succeed because they have the mindset that they need to continue to improve every single day. 

Don’t you want to learn how to impart mental fortitude and strength to your pitchers? 

Do you want to learn what you can do to make your pitchers more successful than they’ve ever imagined?

If You’re Going To Learn, 

Learn From The Best…

Coach Kemnitz of Witchita State Has The Experience 

To Back Up Every Principle That He Teaches…

You’re already an experienced baseball coach, and I know that you have your own way of doing things.

But Coach Brent Kemnitz has the experience and record to prove that his system works, and it can work for you too!

In over 38 years as a pitching coach, Brent Kemnitz of Wichita State University has accomplished some incredible feats in baseball including…

  • 20 All-American pitchers.

  • 9 1st round MLB Draft picks.

  • Two-time national ERA leaders in 1982 & 1991.

  • 1989 NCAA World Serics Championships.

  • 7 College World Series Appearances.

  • 85 MLB pitchers signed.

  • 26 Total Big League Pitchers.

Meet Coach Kemnitz from Carlos Malache on Vimeo.

But what really sets Coach Kemnitz apart is the respect that each of his players have for him. See what these MLB players have to say about Coach Kemnitz

“I started attending Coach Kemnitz’s pitching camps at the age of 15.  I fell in love with his style of coaching and was thrilled to get the opportunity to pitch at Wichita State.  After 11 years in the big leagues, I continue to implement his techniques.  This CD gives an inside look to why he is considered one of the best pitching coaches in America at any level.”

– Braden Looper- Former Pitcher, St. Louis Cardinals

Now You Can Get Instant Access To The 21 Key Principles

Coach Kemnitz Has Used To Guide Hundreds of Pitchers To Success…

Here’s A Sneak Peek At What You’ll Get With The Pitching- The Mental Game Program Today…

When you claim your copy of Pitching – The Mental Game today, you’ll get instant access to 21 MP3s teaching you how to…

  • Think about the game and how to teach your pitchers to use their minds to beat the opponent, not their arms.

  • Take good mechanical skills and turn them into incredible success for every pitcher by utilizing essential mental skills.

  • Keep your pitchers out of the comfort zone so that they always improve. (This is even more important for those pitchers who are already top performers…)

  • Hack the umpire’s rhythm so that you can get better calls at every game. (Hint: This principle can turn balls into strikes if you use it correctly.)

  • Relieve the pressure on you pitchers, especially in the big games that matter most. This principle also carries over to the rest of the team.

  • How to take advantage of every pitchers learning curve by using their failures as an opportunity for growth.

  • Teach presence and confidence that will give your pitchers the swagger on the mound that intimidates batters.

  • Keep your pitching instruction simple. Complicated training formulas work for some pitchers, but simple formulas work for all pitchers.

  • Teach the ‘little league mentality’ that will keep your players focused on what matters most in the game of baseball.

  • Beat the stagnation that comes with unfocused practice. Pitchers either get better or worse at every practice. Help them get better.

  • Eliminate the mental mistakes that lead to losses. It doesn’t matter how talented your pitchers are, this principle is key for success.

  • Keep your players focused on short term goals instead of focusing on future successes that may or may not come. 

  • Help each pitcher overcome the adversity that is inevitable for any player in baseball. A lot of coaches struggle with this, but you won’t after this program.

  • Offer constructive criticism in a way that inspires your players to get better instead of destroying their love of the game.

  • Take advantage of batters that complain about the calls (Trust me: You’ll be surprised by this one).

  • Keep a good sense of humor through rough patches in every season and career. This will help you bounce back after frustrating defeats. 

  • Build a team with class and silent resolve that exudes confidence without any of the negative side effects that come with arrogance. 

  • And more! 

Purchase the full program today, and you’ll have all 21 MP3s PLUS a short worksheet summary of the program delivered to your inbox for instant download!

The Lessons You’ll Learn With Pitching—The Mental Game Are Already Changing Coaches’ Approaches To Pitching

“The CD is a valuable tool for pitchers and coaches alike. Kemnitz explains to pitchers how they can get the most out of their ability, and to coaches how they can get the most out of their pitchers. He exhorts all pitchers to get out of their comfort zone, to aspire to be more than they currently are, and lays out a mental blueprint to achieve that goal. The wisdom Kemnitz shares can benefit pitchers at any level. My 12-year-old son took away lessons that helped him in Pony League play.”

– Jim Callis-Executive Editor, Baseball America

“Every pitching coach and pitcher across the USA should be required to listen to this CD.  It is overflowing with valuable material on conquering the mental beast in baseball.”

– Lou Pavlovich-Editor, Collegiate Baseball

“Vintage Brent Kemnitz; Great motivation, powerful, insightful, humorous.  A must for anyone of all ages, not just baseball players.”

– Eric Wedge-Manager, Cleveland Indians


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