Loaded Bat Training is your complete system for forearm, wrist & grip strength. It’s used by pitchers, hitters & fielders of all ages. Jedd Johnson is a former college baseball player & a world record holder grip strength.

What your getting with Loaded Bat Training:

1. Be More Confident at the Plate – Much of the success you have in baseball depends on your mental game. When you are stronger, you get that mental edge and this will give you a mental boost every time you step in the box.

2. Hit for a Better Average and for More Power – Pop-ups and weak grounders are easy outs. By strengthening your lower arms, you will drive the ball harder making it tougher for the defense to get you out and you’ll put up bigger numbers at the plate.

3. Get a Better Look at the Pitch – With stronger hands, you will be able to wait longer when deciding to swing. This means you can be more selective at the plate and get your pitch to hit.

4. Build Bullet Proof Forearms – If you ever have an injury, your stronger forearms will be able to bounce back quicker and get you back into the game faster.

5. These Drills are Easy to Set Up – They just involve a baseball bat and a bat weight and you are all set to develop hand strength and hitting power.

6. No Special Equipment Required – You’ll be training with equipment that’s already in your equipment bag, so you won’t have to break the bank to get stronger hands and wrists.

7. Fun and Quick Workouts – Gone are the days of endless training sessions. These workouts you can plug right in at the end of a practice for less than 5 minutes right before you load the gear up into the back of your vehicle.

8. Train Entire Teams All at Once – Because these workouts are so quick and require such little equipment, you can set up a few stations and combine plug your Loaded Bat Training workouts into your conditioning sessions, warm-ups, and finishers.

9. Do These Workouts Anywhere – You don’t even need to drive to the field to get these workouts in. Just grab your bat and head down to the basement or out to the back yard and start building your grip strength.

10. Step-by-Step Print-out Workouts you can start using today.

11. Clear Step-by-Step instructions and pictures that show you how to do each exercises 100% correct.

12. Other Benefits Batters Will See After Doing Loaded Bat Training

– Drive Through the Ball Better – Better Reaction Time – Fight off More Tough Pitches and Force Deeper Counts – Better Hitting Mechanics – Hit More Balls on the Nose and Foul Fewer Off

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