New Rules of Pitching

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Video #1 – The Kinetic Chain

Understanding kinetic energy links is crucial for pitchers of all ages to understand. Not only is this the key to maximizing velocity but it will also reduce the risk of injury, improve endurance and stabilize release point.

This is the foundation for everything you will do to pitch and prepare to pitch successfully.

Velocity Belt Bag

Video #2 – The Power Angle & Forced Continuity

Like laying the fist brick when building a house, the first movement of the pitcher will set the path for the rest of the delivery.

It is impossible to overcome a bad first movement. Teaches like balance point, stay back over the rubber are all horrible teaches that work against the pitchers natural movements and cause problems during the rest of the delivery.

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Video #3 – What Your Arms Really Do

If you learned how to ride a bike you know just about everything you need to know about what the arms do in the pitching motion.

But, “Get your arm going”, “Break your hands early”, “Get up on the backside” are traditional teaches that throws off the natural flow of the delivery. Take video #1 and this video and you’ll never bring up arms again.

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Video #4 – The Torque Myth

Easily the most over taught and misunderstood teach in baseball. In fact, you can’t even teach it.

Torque is a byproduct of what has already happened in the delivery. It impossible to get full torque without having solid mechanics in place before torque comes into the delivery.

When you change your bat path you’ll unlock your power.

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Video #5 – Control & Command

Every pitcher struggles to some degree with control and command. It comes from a consistent release point.

A consistent release point has it’s beginnings all the way back into the training room. You can’t “adjust” or “tweak” a release point. The first 4 videos will lay the solid foundation for you to easily have a consistent release point.

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Video #6 – Why Your Pitches Don’t Work

Have you ever done everything your pitching coach told you to do when throwing pitches but your pitches just don’t work consistently?

Curveball hang? Slider flat? Change in the dirt?

Don’t blame the pitch. It’s not the pitch it’s the way you were taught. This video will end the confusion about why pitches are not consistent.

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Video #7 – Dump The Drills

99% of pitching drills fail the minute they start. Most drills are based on outdated “traditional” coaching.

Do you do drills on your knees? Do you do drills that work on torque or arm action? Are you doing drills without a baseball in your hand?

Bad. Bad. Bad. Most drills are doing more harm than good.

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Video #8 – Quick Velocity Plan

This is without a doubt the easiest way to add velocity. Not only is it the easiest…it’s the quickest and safest way too.

You’ll make a few simple adjustments in your training that will allow your body to use your maximum velocity potential (MVP).

You’ve got more in you. This video will get it out.

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Video #9 – The Truth About Pitch Counts

The way Little League tracks pitches is dumb. The way the Washington Nationals tracking innings for Stephen Strasburg is even dumber.

This video will teach you exactly how to track pitches, innings and total workloads safely and effectively.

You’ll be able to throw more pitches without risk of injury.

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