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The Building Blocks Of Pitches

There are 2 foundational things that need to be in place for throwing safe and effective pitches, and most coaches never know them, let alone discuss them. If you had a conversation amongst pitching coaches about pitches, you would hear discussion about grips, finger pressure, arm slot, arm angle. You would not hear discussion about these 2 mandatory building blocks. Not having these is why curveballs hang, changes end up in the dirt, and careers get shortened by arm injury.

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Different Pitchers & Different Pitches

Every pitcher is unique. They have unique personality, unique body type, unique arm action, unique arm slot. Therefore, a coach’s / Dads job is to find out exactly which pitches are the right fit for their pitcher. Not all pitches are good for each pitcher. In fact, if you ever struggled to teach one of your kids different pitches, it’s because you’re probably struggling against what’s natural to them. As a coach/Dad, our job is to find the pitches that are natural to them and teach them those pitches.

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Pitching Grips

Forget everything you’ve been told about pitching grips. Your grip is the absolute last thing that you should be working. In fact, this is one of the most frustrating things when talking about pitches because it’s the number one thing that gets brought up, but yet the grip and its effect on the pitch is the absolute last thing you should be thinking about. It’s the equivalent of constructing a building and the first thing you’re thinking about is what color you should paint the shutters.

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Getting Hitters Out

This is why we’re throwing different pitches. All to often, pitchers are more concerned with the pitch they want to throw rather than throwing the pitch that will get a hitter out. I’ll hand you a simple formula that you can use from Little League to the Big Leagues. Most of my pitchers write this on the lid of their cap.

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Drills For Different Pitches

I only do a few drills when teaching pitches. Be very wary of any type of drill that isolates a pitcher. The body works in integration. That means his whole body works together at the same time. Training for throwing pitches must be done the same way. If any drill isolates any part of the pitching motion, you’re not working on the pitch, you’re just wasting time.

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Myths About Throwing Pitches

There has never been a time in baseball where there is more information, and that information has caused more confusion than ever before. When I hear whats thrown out at practices and games and lessons, I often scratch my head. I list 13 of the most popular myths when it comes to pitching and we dispel every single one of them. We’re gonna slaughter a few sacred cows here, but I’ll back up and prove every point. You’ll be smirking at coaches in the future when they shout out these myths.

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The Best Pitches Ever Thrown

Almost like you’re sitting right next to me in front of my computer, we’re going to dissect the greatest pitches ever thrown. We’re going to look at Justin Verlander, Clayton Kershaw, Mariano Rivera, Bruce Sutter, and Greg Maddux. We’re going to analyze their movement, how they’re using pitches in different situations, how they set hitters up and get them out and you’ll see a very surprising thing about how they use their pitches that most pitching coaches just never seem to understand.

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