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The pitching course that started it all. Used by over 16,000 pitchers world wide. The 90mph Club Core Program is used by more pitchers than any other pitching program ever created. Endorsed by Hall Of Famer, Goose Gossage, MLB pitching coaches Rick Honeycutt and Dave Eiland as well as Vanderbilt Pitching Coach Derek Johnson.

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New Rules of Pitching – Dump the Drills – 99% of pitching drills fail the minute they start. Most drills are based on outdated “traditional” coaching. Up until now, you’ve had to rely on these outdated methods…no more!! It’s time. You’ll start pitching better by this time tomorrow.

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HACK WHAT THE HITTER SEES! Why you should never throw a ball that an umpire hands you out of his bag before looking these certain signs. This alone will make the ball harder for the hitter to see and could give you extra movement. HACK YOUR PITCH COUNTS! Want to throw more innings and be more effective? It’s not how many pitches you throw. Start to manage this one Hack and you’ll never be on the mound out of gas and too tired to keep pitching.

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Advanced Change Up Training is the most complete pitch training we’ve ever done. In this training you are getting 8 videos that include the Advantages of the Change, Change Up Grips, Getting Outs w/ the Change, Drills, and much more!

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Paul’s favorite pitch and the easiest pitch to learn and to dominate with. The sinker is safe pitchers of all ages to throw. In this detailed course Paul will take you by the hand and give you everything you’ll need to throw a filthy sinker in not time flat.

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Legendary Pitching Instructor Brent Strom takes you step by step through every facet of the curveball. He tackles advanced concepts of release point, strategy and advanced grips and also takes on the tough subjects of who should throw a curveball and when. You cannot miss this course.

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Advanced Cutter & Slider Training – Everything you’ll ever need to know about dominating with a cutter. Most pitchers struggle with the “traditional” curveball. Know why? It’s cause you should be throwing a curve. Your arm angle probably is better suited for a cutter (or a slider).

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The result of Jeff Cavaliere’s 3 years as Physical Therapist and Assistant Strength Coach for the New York Mets. This is the most complete training program ever created for baseball players. Period.

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We hope you never need this course . But, if you ever find yourself with an injury this will answer every question you’ve ever had about the injury, the rehab and the prevention of re-injury. This course was created by Paul Reddick and Tom House at The Saint Barnabas Medical Center.

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Vanderbilt Pitching Foundations – A few months back we put on a very private webinar for our VIP members with Vanderbilt Pitching Coach, Derek Johnson. As everyone knows, Vanderbilt is one of the top programs in the country. Their pitching staff has produced dozens of top draft picks including MLB star David Price.

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Revolutionizing Your Bull Pen Work – Coach Ron Wolforth developed Revolutionizing Your Bull Pen to help coaches and players make their Bull Pens Exceptional…In the program, you will learn – 9 Types of Bull Pens, The Rhythm and Tempo Bull Pen, The Distraction Bull Pen, The Competitive Bull Pen, and Much More…

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Pitching Made Simple – In this presentation recorded in front of a packed house of parents, coaches and players. Coach Strom teaches you: The Simple throw throwing process. The one thing all pitching coaches look at that’s dead wrong Why you must never go right to the “pitching” process. and much, much more… This is a must-have addition to every player, coaches and parents pitching instruction library.

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In this, one of kind, presentation Coach Strom will show you exactly how to attack hitters and get them out. You’ll learn why charts can’t be relied on. Which counts are the crucial counts that turn the tide of the at-bat (it’s not what you think). He’ll show you why every pitcher should pitch up in the zone even though we all preach “keep the ball down”.

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Up to 3 hours of content from Jerry Weinstein himself going over his principles of efficiency and direction with 2 Q&A videos where Weinstein even reveals the “Game Day Goal” all of his pitchers must achieve before the season is over.

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Band Training Program, you are taking those Baseball Movement Patterns (BMP) ™ and making them stronger. And because your movements are stronger, you are instantly going to be able to increase the power, speed, and velocity of those movements.

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Just 3 Payments of $97!


Just 3 Payments of $97! + s/h!

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