AdvancedChange Up

“Training yourself to Pitch Big enables you to deliberately generate confidence, rhythm and power out of thin air instead of working hard physically and hoping you have confidence when you cross the white lines.”

You’ll Discover:

  • Why discovering how you pitch badly unlocks your ability to pitch great (I’ll walk you through this technology)
  • EXACTLY what to do between pitches to give yourself your best chance (my system for teaching/learning this is drop-dead simple (if you don’t have a pre-pitch routine you are leaving each outing to CHANCE)
  • The two foundations of the mental game… when you know these pitching gets a whole lot easier
  • The “3 Greatness Pyramids” that give you a road map to next-level success (“I’ve never more clearly seen how the mental game works than in those three simple drawings” said one coach)
  • The real number 1 reason pitchers succeed at the “next level” – and how to TRAIN for it instead of leaving it to chance (like almost all other pitchers)
  • How to STOP being a “stat-oholic” – addicted so intensely to your ERA and WHIP you lose your joy of pitching…and pitch well below your potential. “Free your mind, and the stats will follow!”
  • How to convert past bad outings into sources of confidence in just seconds (you’ll witness a player do this live) and why this is actually THE most beneficial thing you can do for your pitching
  • How to pitch with joy and freedom (Note: When you pitch with fear it’s because your mind remembers something bad happening to you on the mound in your past — you’ll learn my “magic” trick for changing bad memories to good!)
  • A simple exercise that conditions your mind for dominating in the Big Leagues so that you automatically pitch with total freedom when the pressure is on at your current level… in your very next outing
  • How to inject yourself with confidence at the push of a button (and that button is on your FINGER!)
  • How to transform pre-game nerves into rocket fuel for pitching with ease, power and control (after 28 years of searching, here’s the best secret I’ve found)
  • The best way to calm your nerves on the mound in “stealth” mode – parents and coaches will ask “How do you keep your cool out there so effortlessly? (No need to tell them your secret)
  • And much more!

You get instant access to 10 dynamic videos that, step-by-step, train you to close the gap between how well you know you can pitch and what you actually do in games.

You also get a 14-page printable study guide that walks you right through the entire program. The vital ideas are already printed for you so you’ll learn and personalize the program quicker and easier. Coaches, having the guide in hand also makes teaching Pitch Big very easy.

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