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  • HACK WHAT THE HITTER SEES! Why you should never throw a ball that an umpire hands you out of his bag before looking these certain signs. This alone will make the ball harder for the hitter to see and could give you extra movement.
  • HACK YOUR PITCH COUNTS! Want to throw more innings and be more effective? It’s not how many pitches you throw. Start to manage this one Hack and you’ll never be on the mound out of gas and too tired to keep pitching.
  • HACK YOUR VELOCITY! The secret back foot position on the rubber that I’ve been teaching pitchers for years that can add up to 3MPH TODAY!
  • HACK YOUR OFF SPEEED AND BREAKING PITCHES! Learn the location secrets of strike out pitchers. It’s not what you think.
  • HACK THE HITTER! The hitter tells you everything you need to know to get him out. Where he stands in the box, how tall or short his stance is and even his warm up swing gives away everything you need to know to get him out every time.
  • DON’T BE HACKED! Did you know that most coaches say that pitchers give away what pitch they are throwing? I guarantee you are tipping your pitches in some way. Coaches can pick up those subtle moves you make when taking a sign, getting a grip or the position of your arm.
  • Don’t be that pitcher that gets rocked because you gave away all your pitches.

  • HACK YOUR ENERGY! What you should be drinking before every game to maximize performance and focus and what you should NEVER, EVER drink before or during a game

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