Here’s what you’re getting today:

Video #1 – Muscular Integrity Blueprint – Find out why, without truly healthy muscles, your players will NEVER reach their full potential for speed. This will show you exactly how to “rebuild” and “hardwire” their muscles for explosive speed…

Video #2 – Muscular Activation Blueprint – Here you’ll discover how to fully “activate” your players’ muscles so that they always fire – immediately – whenever the need for speed arises…

Video #3 – Agility Progression Blueprint – Walks you through a variety of cutting-edge exercises designed to quickly create far greater agility…

Video #4 – Acceleration Mechanics Blueprint – Discover the precise mechanics shared by all Olympic-level sprinters – and then how YOU can easily adopt these same mechanics for impressive speed gains…

  • You’ll also get… The “Speed Files” – This Printable Daily Plan consisting of… action worksheets… testing & progress recording chart… integrity & activation cheat sheets… all of which work together to ensure that you make consistent, noticeable progress you and your guys will see – starting from day one
  • All in all, this is a complete 8 week progressive training program – tested & proven by thousands of high school & college baseball players – which will show you:
    • A step-by-step, proven process for increasing virtually any player’s 60 yd. time by .2 to .4 seconds in only 8 weeks…
    • Little-known training shortcuts and secrets for increasing the overall speed & agility of EVERY ballplayer on your team
    • At least 3 powerful rules you MUST follow if you want to successfully “injury-proof” your ballplayers muscles… before & after each workout
    • Clear, step-by-step instructions for each & every workout that actually SHOW YOU how it successfully looks in action…
    • Not only will you get demonstrations… but also detailed “debriefings” after each workout that explain everything you need to know to make it work…
    • Just imagine how you’ll feel when you see your players’ dramatically improved first step translates into more hits… more stolen bases… more runs…
    • Or when their newfound “cat like” reflexes help them make picks at the corners
    • What will you do when the increased range from your middle infielders… suddenly turns easy singles into outs?
    • Or when your outfielders get to anything… making the seemingly huge gaps disappear with their blinding speed!
    • Even your catcher’s pop time will diminish as his feet move with rapid precision…
    • The list goes on and on and on…

Bottom line: This program has EVERYTHING you need to quickly, easily and SAFELY explode the speed of any player you work with – starting today.

It’s worked for thousands of others – and now it’s your turn. Simply click on the button below or above to get started now.

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YES! Please give me instant access to download this amazing program right now.

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