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“Last weekend, he went 2-4.
This weekend he was 4-8 with a bases clearing double”


Your email for “Truth About Hitting” describes my son perfectly. He tears it up in practice but then (at least in 2017) has struggled to make contact in games. Just purchased the download and we will begin to implement these practices when we have our Father/Son practice time.


Terry Linnig


We’ve had two tourneys since Parker started using the drills from “Truth About Hitting”. So far the results are great. Last weekend, he went 2-4. This weekend he was 4-8 with a bases clearing double.

“This Past Weekend He Shut Down
A Top Ranked Team From North Carolina,
Pitched 7 Scoreless Innings, No Walks,
2 Hits And 1K”

Good Morning Paul,

A little over a year ago my son, after throwing complete game (6 innings) had a sore arm and nothing left in the tank. That’s when I came across your 90mph club, specifically the wall drills, super 7’s and yankee stadiums.

We work on technique from the moment the foot is on the mound (no showing of the pocket, getting down the mound, straight line towards home etc…In the past year and half he has gone from a reliever to a starter and continues to shut down opposing teams.He now plays 14u, and he’s not the fastest pitcher on the team, but, by far the most accurate as he works technique, position, driving down the mound, etc…

This past weekend he shut down a top ranked team from North Carolina, pitched 7 scoreless innings, no walks, 2 hits and 1K. His pitch count was under 70 (67) for 7 innings of pitching.. He has a high percentage first pitch strike which opens up for a world of opportunities, he loves to make batters chase the ball.

After the game, the opposing teams’ coach came out and called on him, told him great job son and coined him on the spot for job well done…as a dad, couldn’t be more proud.Thanks for what you do – give us the tools to be successful.

-David Oakland


Christian James Maggiore, age 11 (top) Anthony Maggiore, JR. (AJ), age 14 (bottom)

Christian James Maggiore, age 11 (top)
Anthony Maggiore, JR. (AJ), age 14 (bottom)

I feel the pain on trying to change the “traditional” coaching philosophy. While I will continue to respect other coaches, I don’t have to agree with them. You said it best “bad information from a good source”.

However, I will share this update with you. My son AJ, now 14, started his first game this year throwing 5 shut-out innings, giving up 1 hit and striking out 7. My other son, Christian, now age 11, started his first full game last weekend. He gave
up no runs, 1 hit and struck out 9. Both of my sons have followed your pitching
instruction and take that to the mound.

It’s obvious to me that your instruction is working.

Thanks and keep this going! We appreciate everything.




My son has always been that hot shoot kid. All stars player, top pitcher,highest batting average ect,ect. But in high school he was a year to two younger then all the kids in his class.

We needed a equalizer. Something to put us on the same playing field with the older kids. Paul Reddick was that equalizer.

Now my son at the age of 16 is pitching 80+ mph to 16-19 year old kids. His last game he Ked 11 batters.
Thanks Paul you’re the man!!

Stefan’s Dad

0.91 ERA???? Then Adds
A Breaking Ball!!

Paul, I bought your course for my nephew James Conlee who is a Junior at Angelo State at San Angelo Tx.

He pitched very well for them last year as a closer threw mostly fastball and change up in his first 20 appearances his era was 0.91, he didn’t have a breaking ball which is why I got your course.

In their fall World Series he closed 1 game threw 8 pitches got three outs on Sat. He started pitched 5 innings gave up 1 hit walked 2 no runs 60 pitches fastball/curveball he was very pleased thank you for your help.

He was 88-89 all five and said he felt he was getting stronger as the game went on again thanks for your help.

Johnny Smith

GAINED 8 to 10 MPH

Hi Paul,
Thanks so much for all of your hard-work and dedication to youth pitching development. As a certified trainer and sports massage therapist for the past 20 years, I’ve seen just about every program out there. Yours sits at the top. My son Nick sent you a note recently to thank you, but he failed to mention what a dramatic improvement your program has had on him. He’s the only kid in our league that throws a sinker for strikes (deadly) and his two-seamer is too lively for many batters to make solid contact. He’s been throwing 70-80% strikes with his fastballs, and has learned how to get guy out with pitches just off the plate, none of which would have been possible without your VIP program. It sits square in the middle of our browser toolbar, ready to click and review daily.

The velocity change was dramatic, and I can’t wait til he hits that next growth spurt. He’s easily gained 8-10 mph. He’s found his queen-bee and continues to overcome it. What a brilliant concept!

If you only knew what this kid’s been through in his life. He has lost his diagnosis of Autism after years of hard, hard work. He’s consistently the fastest kid on the bases and can make people laugh when he knocks out pistol squats as others fall down trying. Much of that has to do with the Super 7, Energy workouts, and a variety of mixed exercises he does. He’s truly hopes to meet you someday.

By the way, his younger 8 year old brother just pitched a hell of a game at our tournament at Baseball Heaven on Long Island. He follows his brothers every move. You’ve inspired us all to work just that little bit harder than everyone else and it has paid off “Big Time”.

We look forward to following your program as far as it can take us. We’re focusing on Varsity Baseball as our first goal and we’ll go from there.

Awesome job Paul, though it will be a challenge facing others who’ve discovered you as well, LOL.



Hello Paul,

Great news to share. Phil was offered and accepted a roster spot with D3, DeSales University. Needless to say, he’s thrilled and I couldn’t be happier for him.

Not only did I want to share this with you, I wanted to THANK YOU for your guidance and ALL of the great stuff on your Elite web site. The keys to Phil’s improvement have been the velocity drills, the Super 7 workouts and the long toss program.

He concluded this fall campaign with his best performance ever. In a nutshell – 28IN, 3-0, 1 save, 2 CGs and a 0.75 era.

Thanks, again.


I gotta tell you, your program rocks! I have a son who just started pitching. I taught him the basic delivery and the mainstream mechanics of the “lift and load” position and the “keep your weight back as long as possible” mentality. He is a small guy and didn’t throw too hard, especially since he would start his momentum to just stop it again over the rubber, then attempt to gear it back up again in order to deliver the pitch.

Well I found your site and subscribed to your core club program. I had my son doing a couple of your drills for 1 week, only 1 week! The improvement he has made has been outstanding!!! Visually, it looks like he has already increased velocity about 2-3 mph!! He even stated to me after his last outing that “it feels easier to throw strikes” with his new delivery!! Within 1 week, he has easily become 1 of the top 5 pitchers in his league and he now playing with kids 2 years older

I owe you another special thank you for taking the time to look at video of my son’s mechanics. The fact that you would take time out of your busy schedule to look at the video and reach out to your students is outstanding.

To top it all off I happen to be a pitching coach myself, and since subscribing to your program I have also been teaching your philosophy to a number of my very own students. The results have been phenomenal! Every one of my students has increased velocity! I had to go out and by a palm guard for my hand!

I just wanted to say thanks for all your work and everything you do! You are certainly out to help as many players as you can touch and we all owe you a thank you for it!

Eric Rosenberg


“Paul, We did the program a couple months ago, (he has been doing the Wall drill, Yankee stadium drill and the Secret Sauce drill almost daily–my son has moved to doing the Secret Sauce workouts in the pool). We are in our 13 yr. old state tourney, Isaac started on the mound game #1. He faced 12 batters and had no hits. Threw four innings, gave up 2 runs (1 earned), faced 15 batters, K’d 6, 1BB, 40 strikes, 21 balls. And was still ready to pitch more. After the game meal, parents of the team kept asking what Isaac had been eating. They said he was a monster out there. (Isaac and I smiled and thought, “Secret Sauce”.)

The drills we are doing have changed him from arm hurting after 2 innings to wanting to pitch 5. What we learned from you is priceless. I can’t wait to buy the whole thing and get into those other modules.

I would tell any skeptic, “See what it can do you.”

Additionally, the coach-less (coach-free) set up is great for my son.



Hey Paul,

Its been a while back since I last wrote to you regarding my brother and how he was throwing 89-91 and no one was scouting him……….just want to say that he is now throwing 93-95 constant……….his Name is Lee Sosa…….just wanted to thank you on the feedback you gave me on what to ask the coach……….currently my brother is in Bingamton University……..he is a junior…….and he has many scouts checking him out…..look out for him in the 2012 draft…..I can guarantee you he will be in it.Thank You….

Sincerely, ADONY SOSA.

UPDATE: 2 weeks ago I posted Lee’s awesome success with the 90mph Club. He was waiting to be drafted. Well, HIS DREAM CAME TRUE!!!!!!!!

Watch the video…


I can’t thank you enough Paul. Your program helped me reach 85 MPH the other day.

Last season around this same time I was only throwing about 69. I have also gained significant control and break over my pitches. I’m hoping to finally break into the “90 MPH Club” by next season.

Thanks again, Jake


From doing the 7 minute workout Hunter has gained on an average of 6 mph on his fastball and 6 mph on his top out speed.

He went from average of 78mph to 84mph and his top out from 81mph to 87mph. He will be going through the workout again in about a month. Not shabby for a 15 year old.

He has been to a few showcases also this year and there is a lot of rumbling from the scouts when he is on the bump. This is a great program for pitchers and even the everyday player in my opinion. You are “The Man”!!!

POWER ANGLE!!! Topping Out At 92 MPH D1 Scholarship

Thank you for your passion for the game and kids who play it. My son and I have used many of your products to enhance his skills. Recently your slider and sinker training has proved very helpful. I has a little skeptical of your take on balance point mechanics. We changed his private lesson coach and he is now getting instruction on how to shorten his tempo and get to more of a power angle.

I’m a believer now. He tops out at 92 but is consistently 89-90 this winter and his breaking balls are 79-80 with later break.

Earlier this month he signed a NLI to pitch D1 for Gonzaga University in 2013.

– Jeff Rucker

DRAFTED By The Cardinals!

Added Stamina, Movement, MPH,
Sinker, Slider

I wanted to thank you for everything in your program. I can genuinely say that I would not be in the position I am now if it were not for you and your program. My 2 seam and slider have developed into two pitches they would not have without utilizing your program for the last 5 years. I went from sitting 88-90 in high school to now throwing 92-97. This year I started out as a closer so it was not necessary for me to sustain my velocity and then I was thrown into a starting role. I was unable to hold my velocity for more than an inning or two. Once I started your super 7 legs and energy program that changed from one or two innings to a guaranteed 6-7 innings. Directly from your videos and workouts I saw improvements in velocity, stamina, movement, and quality of breaking balls. Again thank you, I hope everyone that comes across your site is smart enough to make the commitment and change their life by making the purchase. Take care coach!

Tyler Mills

The Pitcher Everyone Counts On

Paul I took 90mph club 2yrs ago and I was stunned with the results and I just wanted to say thank you…if it weren’t for you I would probably be a below average pitcher…but since I took it I’m the pitcher that everyone counts on as a junior.

Thank you
Paul and the rest of 9mph club

Chris Hart

Gained 10mph!!


I would like to say thank you for all the work you have done especially for me, and all the baseball world. Without you i would not be a starter on my state team. Im 14 and im clocking at 72-75, compared to my last year speed of 65 before i heard about and started your programs. I went from only having 2 fastballs, to a sinker, cutter, curve, changeup, 4 seam fastball, and a wicked 2 seam. My life had been full of traditional coaches until this last year when i just shoved all they had told and taught me. like balance point, show the back pocket to the hitter, etc, out of my head. by doing all your drills, super 7, 2 min torture, wall drill, net drill, queen bee, ect, I have became a better ballplayer and person than i could ever had imagined.

Thank you for all your time to put into your passion and for teaching me to kick their butts harder.

McKenna Box


Paul, i want to thank you so much. My lifelong dream was to play baseball for college and I always played second base. However when we first had tryouts in the fall there was many kids trying out for that position and a lot of them were very very good. The coach asked me if i could pitch because we needed some relief pitchers and i said yea a lil and he took me cause i could throw strikes.

So this winter i spent hours studying your program and giving it a try and after my first app i stroke out the side. My fastball has so much life in it now and i developed a nasty curveball all thanks to you. Eventually the coach made me the #2 starter and im living my dream all thanks to your perseverance to help guide us to become baseball players.

Thanks truly,


“53 Year Old Hitting Coach
Using 90mph Club
To Dominate Players
20 years Younger?”


I was asked this year to help start a baseball team in a large city to be named later. I was asked to pitch in this league seeing that we were the leftovers that no one wanted, and few of us actually stepped up and said we would pitch. Now granted, I did play one year beyond the college level on the west coast, but as an infielder and not a pitcher. but enough of that.

Currently I am a hitting coach for a 5A high school team and give private instructions as well, and a personal trainer. Being the good coach that I am, I have studied pitching for years…( Know Thy Enemy ) All of my students do exceedingly well at eating alive pitchers that only have that average talent and no mindset to pitching. So getting back to the baseball team I was asked to pitch for, I didnt want to be one of those pitchers that got tattooed every time I toed the rubber, but we both know that my first 2 starts were more like ” chuck and duck “.

I broke down and joined the 90MPH and have been studying the videos between workouts and practices…( I was in good shape to start with ) But I knew I had to figure out how to keep from blowing up my arm before the end of summer. And I totally convinced I have found it. I opened module 2, and the clouds parted and a beam of light from the heavens shown, and for some reason I heard a choir in the background..lol. It was the Queen Bee that got things started, then on to the drills….then when you dispelled the ” Balance Point ” about pitching with the video’s…it all clicked.

So in the next game I played I came in, in the 3rd inning, down by 8..what did I have to lose ? So I warmed up like I was doing the drills and what a difference in velocity, accuracy, and movement. Best of all, I wasnt working nearly as hard as I used to. At least it didnt feel like it…I actually thought I wasnt throwing as hard as I used to..until my catcher joking complained that all my pitches looked like a fastball…and that this was the hardest he had seen me throw.

Was I throwing 90 ? Nope…Id say somewhere around 75 tops….all I used was a 4 seam, sinker, and change up…I finished only throwing 70 pitches in 4 innings….Last night, I started got thru the 3rd inning with throwing only 25 pitches…and was run from the game….I was accused of being a ringer…really ?? the other team had convinced the umpires that at one time I was a pro….oh…ha ha ha ha ha !!! I took it as a compliment…too funny. But here is the really funny thing about all this….Im 53, playing in an over 30 league. Yep, your program works for us older guys as well. Ill never go anywhere with this, but I am having a blast….now I have to go find a league that will let me pitch…but you can rest assured that every student of mine that pitches is getting sent to you and Im a HITTING coach….and here is a word to those coaches and parents who have bashed you…if you really love your kid and really want to protect that young arm…this is the program to go with…we are NEVER too old to learn.

Thanks again for your time and instruction.Paul,

First let me thank you for the honor and privledge of such a thing. Now IM fired up…( always am ). anyway, here is a pic of me in our team uniform. I hope it is ok. and yep, notice the grey hair.. one thing I forgot to mention..there is such a thing of visual velocity, thats what was messing everyone up. now the only thing I ask is the address to the wall of fame. I will keep you updated on things from my end.

Thanks again, If you see me at the “show”…Ill be in the cheap seats…

Patrick Collins


Hey Paul,
My name is Dalton and I recently turned 16. I am a sophmore in highschool and baseball, especially pitching, is what I love. I’ve been a member of the 90 mph club for about a year and a half. A couple days ago I purchased the 90 mph complete program and I love it.

The last time I was clocked while pitching was at a “Prep Baseball Report” showcase on November 25. My fastball sat at 81-82 mph. I have been ranked #1 in my class and #2 in my class for the state of IL in two different showcases by “Prep Baseball Report”. Last spring I was voted best pitcher for our varsity team as a freshman. I had an under 2.5 era, a record of 7-1, and I threw complete games six starts in a row.

I really think the 90 mph club is a big part of the success I have had so far. I have another showcase coming up and I am going to do super 7s every day and work as hard as I can and I will be sending another e-mail telling of my improvements. Thanks for everything you do for pitchers like me and keep up the great work.

Thanks Again,

Paul, As a former Major League Pitcher, I commend you on your knowledge and teachings of the art of the pitching mechanics. I have been instructing amateur players since my retirement from professional baseball as well. I find your work to be right on and easy to follow for all ages.

Paul my career was shortened due to injuries,(not all arm), so I am very careful and feel obligated to make sure the youth of our game gets the right information to help prevent injuries,increase their chances and respect the game, so they can maybe someday live their dream like I was lucky enough too.

Paul, I have learned a few things myself from your program that I wished I would have known when I was pitching. I highly recommend your program to all the inspiring and future pitchers as well as position players of this great game of ours.

Thanks again
Bruce Egloff
Cleveland Indians (91-92)

#ELITE Super 7 and Energy Pushed Him Over The Top

My 10 year old son (just turned 10 in July), Aaron Nixon, increased his velocity from 57 mph to 61 mph within 3 weeks of using your program. The first week of August his team played at the 9U USSSA Elite 32 World Series in Orlando Florida. Aaron’s team is from Texas and he came into the quarter-final game against Team Miami (the #1 ranked 9U team in the Nation) in the 5th inning with no outs, his team leading by 1 run, with runners on second and third. Aaron struck out the first two batters he faced and got the third batter to pop up to the 1st baseman. In the 6th inning, he struck out the first three batters he faced and his team won the game. Aaron and I are convinced that your energy and super 7 workouts pushed him over the top.

Beau Nixon

Found 8mph That Was
Already Inside Of Him!!


Thank you for your 90 MPH Club system. My son (age 10) used your idea of angling his foot on the pitching rubber and changing his angle on the mound, as you can see in the photo. These two components alone changed his velocity from 54 mph to 62 mph. So far in this little league season he has pitched 11 innings and has 29 K’s with only 5 walks. The amazing thing is that he hasn’t even played for 2 years yet and is able to power past others who have played for 4-5 years. He is dedicated to your system and is already looking forward to where it will take his pitching by next year. People all over the ballpark are starting to really take notice of him.

Thanks Again,

Dr. Mark W. Burcham


I want to thank you for your instruction which my son(12yrs old) has applied to all of his pitching. With that being said, his pitch speed has gained 4mph, he is throwing FB, slider, change up, cutter and now a sinker.

He is playing in 14U select ball up a step up from Dixie League and is being scouted to play for other teams in our area. He is also being scouted because he has become a high profile player due to his awesome record and the other team coaches are trying to adjust their teams to his pitching. His ERA for both spring and fall is 1.89, he has 94 K’s, 22 walks in IP 93. We still have 6 more games for the fall season, then our championship tournament yet to play and I am still getting calls asking for him to play from other teams come this next spring season.

Thanks for helping my son’s dream to start coming true. I am hopeful that maybe one day you will be scouting him to play for you.

Lee Jacobsen
Ryan Jacobsen(son)
Jefferson, Tx.


Our son Jack pitched two scoreless today against one of our top competitors- his slider was nasty- one batter shook his head and he used his two seam to back door for a K and got them to hit into an inning ending double play. He tops at 82-83 and resting is upper 70’s. Today he used more of his body and his straight delivery to home plate was noticed by parents in the know.

Jack is a junior-to-be at Naperville Central in Illinois state champs two years ago. He’s one of my pitchers on our travel team. We just started using 90mph this week- he’s sore from muscles not previously used to this extent.

Looking forward to the future with 90mph!

Tom Foote


Paul, Jack carried a no-hitter into the fifth today and settled for a one-hitter- had 7 K’s in a 14-3 travel team win…can’t wait for week two with 90mph! Tom

“Put The Whole Team On the
90mph Club & Went 27-2”


Thank you so much for all of the great information. I`m the JV coach at a Catholic school in Jackson, Michigan and with the help of 90 MPH Club Core, and Baseball Education Center we finished 27-2. The two “lessons” as I like to call them were both by 1 run. I put the whole team on Super 7’s and 2 minute torture and these kept us strong all season long. I few stats from the season. As a team we hit .483 and averaged 10.5 runs a game. On the mound we had a team ERA of 2.02 and only gave up on average 1.9 runs per game. Don’t get me wrong I have some very talented kids but the information you provided me helped keep them mentally focused on the process of playing and it’s obvious that the results took care of themselves. Thanks again!

Russell Gaston

Power Angle

So what is it?

How many of you know what this is?

I had never even heard the word until 5 or 6 months ago.

I hate to toot my own horn here (actually, I dont..haha) But unless you are being paid for your coaching services, you dont read about baseball more then I do. I would also take the “Pepsi challenge”, to those of you who get paid for this. I read more!!

But I digress……

Power Angle… How many of you have been taught, to stay tall and straight up and down when we start throwing home (pic below). The phrase I grew up learning and then teaching my kids was “drop and drive”. All of those phrases and myself, were WRONG!!!!

If I stuck a pole from the top of his head, down through the bottom of his drive leg, you can see he’s almost straight up and down. This is the angle we want to correct (power angle). In this photo, I would say bailey is at 1%, if that. Look from his knee down. Its not even in line with his upper leg. Right there is a break in the kinetic chain.

If you remember reading the post about a week ago Bragging, You will remember I got a letter from my best friend Paul Reddick. OK, he’s not my best friend but he might as well be. At the time of the letter, he suggested I work on Baileys “power angle”. That was the first time I had ever heard that phrase before. After nagging him some more and him being AWESOME and helping me out, Bailey is a new pitcher.

Heres Bailey after just a couple conversations with Paul. He still has minor tweaks here and there but his “power angle” has improved drastically

I have been following Paul and the 90mph club for about a year now and am proud to say Im a member. The best part is, if I have learned anything from what he preaches, it would be his commitment to his followers. I have never missed one of his webinars and he’s always a click away and eager to answer questions.

This little improvement alone has, jumped Baileys radar numbers by AT LEAST 4 mph.


Pitched The Game Of His Life

Hey Paul,
I want to offer you my thanks! I coach a 12U travel team in Seattle, WA, and my son is one of the pitchers on that team. I bought the 90 MPH club and after consulting with a physical therapist friend of mine, I immediately began instituting the super 7, energy workout, etc for the team. The guys didn’t like it at first, but slowly they began to feel it — and buy in!

The pitching mechanics were different. I didn’t want to rework everyone’s motion at the end of the season, so I used my son as a guinea pig! I watched the DVDs several times through, and got my 12-year-old son to sit down to go over the pitching mechanics and velocity secrets. Then we watched some baseball on TV. You see, he had patterned his windup after Felix Hernandez, and had the numbers/pockets philosophy reinforced at a camp. I’m just a Dad and a coach, so my opinion wasn’t quite as important! After taking a week or so to process what he watched from and combine it with what he saw big league pitchers doing, it clicked. He immediately wanted to watch again. He started doing wall drills in the living room and we went the next day to our teams field and found his Queen Bee..

Well, I tell you this because we just got back from Cooperstown, NY and Cooperstown Dreams Park. What an amazing experience. What’s better is that after only a few weeks, my son, who had just turned 13 when we left, (and is only 5’0′ and maybe 90 lbs soaking wet), pitched the game of his life. He’s enjoyed success thus far, mostly because he can locate. He’s never been able to throw as hard as some of the bigger guys. A few weeks of working your system changed that!

I don’t have a speed for you, but his fastball had life I’d never seen from him pitching before. Several guys on the team were saying things like “where did that come from?” and “where has that fastball been all season?” It was like a dream. Now, we lost the game to a superior opponent, but he pitched 5 innings and left down only 3-1. That team made the final 4 in the tournament. My son said it was one of the two favorite games he’s ever pitched (and the other was a complete game 1-hit shutout at our local little league a couple years ago). Imagine that a game we lost ranks up with that! I know he is so excited about going through your program in the off season (rather than a quick 3 week burst), and really taking his pitching to another level. Now that I’ve seen the results in him, I’m also going to institute the system with my team.

Thank you for reading all this. I’m sure you hear from high school and college players/coaches about your system, but I thought (hoped) you’d appreciate hearing about the success of a player finishing up his 12u year!


Playing For The
National Team!!


Just wanted to thank you again for everything. Been doing the program for months now. Sitting 92-95 with a devastating slider and developing 2 seam. I’ll be heading out to Colombia with the 18u USA team. Wish us luck!

Nick Travieso


Throwing 91 MPH In
The Last Inning,
Unhittable Slider,
Devastating Change Up!

Paul, I am a member of the 90mph club and i use the super 7’s and energy very often before an after I pitch. Great stuff. I joined this to gain more stamina which i have. I’m 17 and since i was around 12 I have been a first baseman/closer. In high school same scenario. I’d come in from first base and shut the door. The only reason i have been closing is because I have a mid 90’s fastball. I was never really able to stay on the bump for more than 3 innings without getting tired. I worked on the super 7’s and energy for about 2 months. I haven’t seen much velocity gain but i have seen an increase on on my stamina and consistency on the mound, which I have been wanting forever. I had my first start in years a few weeks ago and the numbers speak for themselves. 5 innings 1 walk 9k’s and a hit only 1 unearned run. The huge surprise for me is that in my last inning of work i was still sitting 90-91. With the program i have developed a nasty nearly unhittable slider and now a devastating change-up too. This stuff really works.

Nick Travieso

Velocity Showed Up At Showcase!

Great stuff! My son just attended his first college showcase. This summer his fastball was topping out at 77 mph. Over the last couple months he has immersed himself in your program and at the showcase his fastball ranged between 80 – 83 mph! He now has a renewed confidence and has his sights set on 85 by the start of the season!

Michael Lyon

7 MPH In 3 Weeks!!

my son 3 weeks ago topped out at 63 he has been stuck at 63 for the last 3 months as you can see below he went to a prospect camp at appalachian state university and he is only in 8th grade 5′ 5″ 115 lbs he toped out at 70mph in 3 weeks after getting your program also his change up was 8mph off his fast ball something else that was difficult to obtain before your program. just wanted to give you a heads up on the progress and say thank you very much and for anybody out there that does not believe they need to try it.

thanks again
eric mitschele


Tried the approach to move forward on wind up as opposed to standing straight up and my 9 yr. old fanned 7 in 3 innings. He also turns his right foot at that 30 degree angle when in the stretch and boom…7 K’s in 3 innings, one earned run. His velocity was definitely up as well. No radar guns at the park but it was his best performance in a tourney this year.


Dan Kelly

2 K’s and less then 1 Hit Per Inning?

My son Bailey Erickson is 10 years old and is a freak on the mound. I coached this year because of coaching differences with our coach last year. His numbers were the same last year as a nine year old, if not better but I didnt have the book in front of me. He also only pitched a fraction of what he did this year. We went 2-14 last year and 13-3 this year. We took second in our division and third in State playoffs.

Here are the numbers
Innings pitched………….33 2/3
BB’s………………………..25 one intentional
Total pitches……………..612
ERA (calculated for 3 inning max) 0.88

Buffalo Bison
Buffalo MN


Before, I was throwing a top of 75 and I was going into my sophomore year in High School. Originally, I made my JV team, and was determined to get called up, and thats when i found your program. I started using your tips and everything, and pretty soon I was throwing 80! and I also had developed a great change up! Thanks Paul, you’re a genius!

-Andrew Myers


[one_half]Hi Paul,

My son has used your methods for many years and is a member of the 90 MPH Club. I wanted to share a high point in his high school career when he struck out (3 times) arguably the best HS hitter in the nation at time.

Keep up your great work.

Chuck Emanuele
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K’d The Best Hitter 3 Times

I started out throwing in the low 70’s and i was always close with location. Most batters would always hit into an easy ground ball out. But there was always a handful a game who would end up getting great hits into the gap that would turn into runs. Luckily for me our team is an incredible hitting team so i would often get let off the hook easy due to late inning heroics on our offensive side, but I knew that there will come a day where things won’t be as easy; so, i decided I wanted to go out and research pitching to find out how to make myself better. I was just looking at videos of major league pitchers, and somehow I came upon one of your videos. It was about how to throw faster. After that I followed the link to your youtube channel and I liked what I saw, so I took it a step further and followed the link to the 90MPH club.

My pitching improved tremendously in a matter of only days. I started a game in the beginning of the week against a team who hit very well off of me…when I faced them 6 days later in the championship game, I threw all seven inning allowing only one earned run. We won the championship. I struck out the other teams best hitter three times this game, earlier on he had hit three triples off of our best pitcher. I am very pleased by the results that I have seen in just a matter of six days. I am looking forward to what I will learn as being a part of the 90MPH Club. This is really good stuff and it works tremendously. If your looking for numbers, my fastball velocity jumped 3 MPH’s and my curveball is moving at least another foot. My coaches said I looked like a different and better pitcher then they had ever seen before?

~Blake Moore
Pitcher Chatfield Senior High School

From 87 to 93mph!! But…When I was at school me and a friend bought your 90mph club and became a member together because it was college, our cash flow was low. Well I said that to tell you that During the time I was doing it I went from 85-87 to 88-93.I know I haw at least 95 or more in my arm. But I’m back at 85-88 I stopped Doing it for two months no excuse in that and it was dumb of me to do. I started doing it again nov 25 like as I will brush my teeth. Me not doing it was time lost. Well another long story but I’m from queens,NY and I see your from NJ. I will drive over so that you can work with me just let me know the cost or time you have available please. FYI YOU THE MAN!!!

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Andres Caceres

5mph In 4 Weeks! + Curveball Sharpened!

One Little Shift And He Struck Out 7 out of 9

Tried the approach to move forward on wind up as opposed to standing straight up and my 9 yr. old fanned 7 in 3 innings. He also turns his right foot at that 30 degree angle when in the stretch and boom…7 K’s in 3 innings, one earned run. His velocity was definitely up as well. No radar guns at the park but it was his best performance in a tourney this year. The competition wasn’t so great but his stuff was, and few would have hit him today. His “tumbler” was completely fooling any of the 10 year old hitters he faced.

Dan Kelly

12 Year Old Adds Confidence To Dominate!

Thanks for all your help. My 12 year old son has been on the 90mph program for 2 years and has increased his velocity from 15 MPH. Has great confidence on the mound and not afraid to throw any of his pitches not matter what the count is. Throws 4 seamer, 2 seamer and change up. Pitched 8 scoreless innings in the 2 games he pitched this last tournament. Thanks for all your help!!!

Bryan Milburn

Less Than 5 Feet Tall
and He’s Fooling Hitters!!
20 K’s in 11 Innings in first 4 Games!!

Hello Coach Paul,

Wanted to say hi and give you and update on my Son IAN HERNANDEZ. We have been with your program since December of 2010. (Great Program) Ian has been doing well and He and I have learned quite a bit from it. Ian is a Pitcher, SS on his 11yr La Mirada All Star team. His team is 4-0 going to play championship next Tuesday. Ian has pitched 11.5 inns 20k’s 3bb’s 2hb 5hits 2runs in 4 games.

Up until your program he had been successful with a 2seam and 4 seam fastball. We have now learned how to throw what I like to call a 2-8 curve. With the way you have taught us he never has a sore arm. He loves to throw it! I got to tell you I found you at a good time being Ian was going up to the majors and I knew he was going to need another pitch. He is not the biggest at 4’11” 90lbs with his fastball at around 54mph but through your program I have been able to help him learn how to move the ball around and set hitters up. He is also 7 for 11 with 3bb’s 1k and hit once. Ian loves doing super 7 and energy workouts! Thank you so much for your time and effort!

Best Regards,
John Hernandez

This Dad Used To Be That Bad Coach
…Not Anymore!!!

Hi Paul,

I’m now a BIG BELIEVER in your program. My son is 12 and began pitching in earnest about a year ago when I hired a pitching instructor to give him lessons. At the time EVERYTHING was wrong with his mechanics but he seemed to have a decent enough arm, so we went to work to get him more sound. He progressed quite a bit and in fact had a great first season of Travel Ball. He went 6-2 with 2 saves and two complete game victories -the last in the championship game as his team went 23-2.

But watching him from the sidelines, I couldn’t help but think that he was still not getting everything he had from each pitch.

After getting your program, I decided to video him and compare it to your velocity mechanics video. He was “queen bee-ing” it, hanging out over the mound and he was releasing the ball with his elbow WAY over his head; not even with his shoulder. Despite all this he was still managing to get 60+ on his fastball.

We reviewed the queen bee drills the velocity mechanics video and the arm angle videos together and I started him on all of the drills. (this was the hard part) He has only been at it for a week and today he cracked 65mph!!! And he hasn’t even come close to fixing all of the issues with his mechanics. In addition, he claims that he is throwing “easier”; not working as hard to get the ball to the plate, even though he is now moved back to 54′ from 50′. Now he is pumped about doing all of the other drills and exercises in your program.

I of course after watching your program am embarrassed and humiliated because I have been that “bad” pitching coach; trying to talk too much during practice and games, and trying to fix things like release point, arm angle, falling off, all without addressing the basic queen bee issue, as well as not letting him feel the correct mechanics… you get the idea. But it’s never too late to learn and now in just a short week of work (for both of us) the results are amazing.

My son is not a prodigy by any stretch of the imagination, but I hope to teach him that hard work leads to better results, not just in sports but in life. But when you don’t have the tools to teach someone the right way, hard work is not enough. Finally we have a program that that shows us the right way.

You should do this for a living!! Oh yeah, I guess you do!

I’ll keep you posted on his progress.

Thanks so much for sharing your gift.

Paul Huckleberry

12 K’s and First Complete Game!

I just wanted to thank you for the help my son has received from your course. Christopher just turned 11 and tops out in the low 60’s. Last week he threw his 1st complete game One hitter with 12 k’s and 1 walk and it was due to him doing the super 7’s workout. He has now learned how to pitch using his entire body instead of pitching with just his arm like most 10 and 11 year olds. Again, I just wanted to give you a quick thanks.

Ryan Wohlert

5 MPH After 1 Workout?

Much like the mom who just got started, so did we. I want to know, just what have you done to my son? He was a little reluctant to start another program, I’ve bought them all, and begrudgingly did the WE7 workout yesterday for the first time. For a baseline, he is a 16 yr old LHP, topping out around 82 in January.

After only one WE7 workout, but closely watching all of the Week 1 and Week 2 videos, he found his Queen Bee and pitched a bullpen, topping out at 87 with accuracy he hasn’t had in 2 years! All of this while his legs were shaking from the workout the day prior. We are absolutely amazed! I feel like I stole this info for such a low price because the results were immediate!

Michael hasn’t had a decent outing in 2 years. He was a Team USA 14u Finalist in 2009 and broke his left wrist 2 weeks before the final selection day and couldn’t attend. He was devastated. Now, with help from the 90 MPH Club, and Dr. Tom Hansen’s methods, he feels unstoppable.

If this is what he does after only 1 week, I fear I won’t be able to find anybody around here who can catch him! He goes to Ft. Meyers for the PG BCS 16u Nats next week and can’t wait. His coach, Tom “Flash” Gordon, hasn’t seen his new-found velocity and control. He will be impressed, and I look forward to telling him that it was you who helped us.

Thanks, Paul. We look forward to the rest of the modules. I’ll make a video and send it to you when I can.

Jeff Ray, 90 MPH Club’s newest true believer.
Bushnell, FL


Last year at a Top96 baseball camp my son was clocked at 74 MPH. All of the other aspects of his pitching evaulation were positive – movement-mound presence-consisitancy-command of pitches etc.

So we began to research and I bought the 7 minute workout series. I guess it was sometime in March that he began using them and had a great deal of success and seemed to be coming along when he sustained an injury that kept him out 4 weeks.

When he was able to work out again he combined your program with some information in a pitching work out book and began to attend the gym (season was over) regularly.

The week of June 19th he attended a college baseball camp and yesterday he received an email from the coach who clocked him at 84 miles per hour!

I am not sure if it was Totally your program due to the injury/etc; however I beleive that it definatly made a difference – both the mental aspects that he was able to obtain from your video’s and the physical work outs.

I appreciate your dedication to the sport.
Elaine Williams

Pitching In the Middle East?

Coach Paul,
Let me start by saying, thank you for the part you have played over the years in my development as a pitcher. All my hard work is beginning to pay off. As my dad says, “I’m on the cusp of achieving one of my long-term goals (to play college ball) and success in inevitable if I remain dedicated and focused”. Over the past few years, I have gone from an 11 year old beginning pitcher barely hitting 55 mph, to a 16 year old (just had my birthday in May) who is now touching 90 mph…with an arsenal of pitches, good control, and pretty filthy late movement.

I’ve finally returned to the United States! It was a little earlier than we had planned because of all the political problems that happened in Bahrain (where I was living and going to school). My dad (works at the US Embassy) is still there, but in March, I was evacuated with my mom. We are currently in El Paso, TX…getting adjusted to the new place…new school…and new HS baseball program with Franklin HS. As soon as my dad leaves Bahrain, he has to head to Afghanistan for a year — tough for me since he has always been my “personal pitching coach”.

My plan over the next few months is to continue my training program and start summer ball with Franklin Varsity HS team in June. In addition to Summer Ball 2011, I will fly Italy at the end of June to pitch and play for the Kuwait National Seniors Team during this year’s LL International tournament. At the completion of our Summer Ball season, I will spend a few weeks in California where I will spend time/train at the RDRBI (as I do each year). As part of my training, I will have a complete Motion Analysis conducted and STAR profile to better direct my training and hone my baseball skills (mechanics, conditioning, and mental/emotional). My story is a rather unique one, Coach Paul.

Due to my dad’s work, most of my baseball experience has been playing for teams outside of the United States. This meant that in order for me to grow to the point where I was competitive with those players surrounded by year-round baseball, my dad and I had to be creative, develop a comprehensive series of programs and opportunities that mirrored / simulated what most baseball players take for granted.

Over the past six years, I routinely played on three different teams in three different countries – one where I was living, one country that I would drive to a few times each week, another that I would jump on a plane and fly to every other week to pitch and play for a team on their double header weekends. On the days I was not playing, my dad and I would work hard on conditioning, drills, bull pens, etc. for two to four hours – often finishing after 9 or 10pm in the evening. Where other boys were out playing around, I spent most all of my free time working on bettering my skills. I have been taught that the only difference between good and great is “effort”. This is something that holds true across the board: for Athletics, studies, work, with family and friends. I believe you must be both balanced and consistent. You must strive to give your all in all aspects of life. For the athletics, in order for me to be the best I can be (all the time), I need to spend just as much effort on conditioning my body and mind…each and every day.

Coach Paul, I strive to do the right thing even when no one is looking. For my dad’s part, he is more of a practical individual, and the only focus he has is to provide the soundest platform possible for me and all the others he assist along the way. As you know from past conversations you had with my dad, although a novice in comparison to your experience, he is a pretty good pitching instructor who actively searches for information and methodologies to better understand pitching and how to effectively convey what he has learned to me and other young players. The one thing that drew my dad to the information and instruction you provided were the similarities in the pitching concepts he learned through Tom House. My dad’s belief is that different folks often say the same thing, but with a slightly different twist and/or delivery.

Through the 90mph club and your explanations, I was able to “see the light” on when and how to use my off speed pitches (why sometimes they were smoking and why other times they were not). It was the same information I had gone over during our numerous bull pens, but it was your reasoning and delivery that made the difference. When I incorporated some of the Zinger philosophes, the Super 7 workout, long toss, and your video analysis of my pitching delivery into my program, I had a noticeable improvement to my overall performance. For the most part Coach Paul, my current successes have come about because of a combination of lots of hard work…dedication…research…creativity…and “active listening”. My dad says I seem to have a gift when it comes to pitching, but it is the hard work has helped me move further down the path towards achieving my potential.

For the past five years, I have also worked with boys and girls, using my experience to help improve their baseball skills (both the mental and physical aspects of the game). I helped Head Coaches with Little League T-ball, Minors, Majors, and Challenger Division. I have had the opportunity to attend numerous baseball camps, to include specialized pitcher training. Part of this training consisted of time spent at USC where I audited a Coaches Certification Course. In returning to the Middle East (I played ball in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain), I was able to give back to the younger players in the local leagues the knowledge I acquired while back in the US — per my dad, diplomacy through the “Great American Past Time”. Teaching younger boys and girls what I have learned is not just limited to baseball.

This skill of “giving back to my community” can be applied to any and all subjects. This is something I try to do each day, Coach Paul. If I can teach at least one new thing to one person each day, that’s 365 people I will have been able to positively affect each year. This is something I view as an individual responsibility – a lesson my parents have taught me and one I embrace as part of who I am.

Respectfully (or as my dad would say, “Semper fidelis”),
George Max

Management Officer
US Embassy
Manama, Bahrain

Added 5 MPH, Curve, Sinker,
Got Rid Of Elbow Problems
And Getting Attention!

Hi Coach,
Since he started your program just a few months ago, he has put about 5 MPH on his fastball and added two pitches: a curve and a sinker/changeup….. Shane used to complain of some elbow pain so he never really threw for long. Now he can go many innings, feels no pain and is getting faster by the week.

Shane’s pitching is now also getting some attention from the other coaches including the high school JV coaches since the kids he faces (some age 16 and playing JV ball) come back to the dugout after a strikeout or blooper hit trying to explain that they can’t hit the ball because it moves too much and they don’t know if it’s going to be slow or fast.

He’s falling in love with the art of pitching. Thanks!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Sean Alvarez (and Shane)
Rutland, VT

Freshman Pitched Varsity?

Andrew this year, due to you, made his baseball team as a freshman and played varsity. Andrew was the first freshman pitcher in Beechgrove high school in Indiana to ever pitch varsity in a sectional game.

I’m including the latest thing he won and is very proud for winning. This was a team made up of 13 to 15 year olds. They played a 15 u travel team that had beat all until they got to this us. Andrew also plays for the 18 u rbi team.

Andrew is 5’11 and a whopping 145 pounds.
Thanks for all your help

Tom Sparks

10 Year Old Mows Them Down

I have been trying to implement some of your advice to my 10 year old and it has worked. He is the most accurate pitcher on his team or probably the league. We are in Yorba Linda Ca. In his second start he pitch 5 innings and pitched a perfect game, striking out 14 out of 15. The only out was a bunt attempt which my son handled and threw the batter out. He learned early how to throw a cutter and it moves quite a bit. Thanks Paul

Alan Harrier

Pitcher Called On To Get Catch
Guns Down 4 Runners AND
Adds Pop To His Fastball

Hi Paul – just wanted to give you a big thanks. My son Alex is 13 and has been doing your 7 Minute Velocity workout for about a month now. I coach his travel team and we were at a Triple Crown Tournament this weekend. On Sunday he was going to pitch but I needed him to catch for me instead – he is my second catcher and I needed my primary catcher to pitch. Unfortunately we lost the game 0-4 but Alex had a great game behind the plate. He threw out 4 runners trying to steal – 3 and 2B and 1 at 3B. This was the first time he ever threw more than 2 guys out in a game and he never did that before on the 90′ diamond. I have to give you credit on 2 parts – first, I think the workouts have really strengthened his core and legs therefore leading to a stronger arm. Second, his mindset. After he came off the field in the 7th after throwing the 4th guy out I gave him a big “high-five” and he said “Dad, it was one of my goals”. At that point I thought – it finally clicked with him, he gets it. He then admitted he originally wrote down a goal of throwing 4 runners out trying to steal in a game but later changed it to 3 because he thought he could never do it. It was great that he proved himself wrong.

Thanks Paul. After 30 days I have to say he is both physically and mentally stronger. Yesterday he wanted to pitch to me in the backyard being that he was not on the mound for over a week and I thought his ball did have some more pop. I can’t wait to get him on the mound this week and see if anyone takes notice.

Mike Sancimino


“We purchased the 90MPH Club for our 12 year old son Avery almost 9 months ago. Since that time he has gone from 52-53 MPH to 60 MPH 2 weeks ago. He has also added a nasty sinker that has helped him greatly this season. We are playing for the championship this Sunday and his seasons stats to this point is 10 W and 1 Loss with a 1.05 ERA. He has also tossed (4) 1 hitters and a complete game shutout on just 59 pitches. Thank you so much for the program. It has turned his approach to the game around.”

Will and Avery Ragsdale

From Bench Warmers
To Champions
Using The 90mph Club!


Just wanted you to know that we took a group of bench warmers from our JV team, 14-15 year olds. Put them on long toss, super 7’s ,Energy, proper hydration and a little better eating habits. Took the trophy in the first tournament we played in Nations baseball in Gastonia, NC. Only played 8 innings on Sunday in the ship because we 10 run ruled all we played. We chopped our way all the way to the trophy!

For the weekend:
ERA: 1.79
1st tournament together.
30 runs scored
16 runs allowed. Had one bad inning.
8 innings played on Sunday in 2 games. (on the good end)

Bart Greene
Spartanburg, SC

Not a single sore arm all summer long. Unbelievable what a little chopping and tapping will do!

Btw, my son has gained 5 mph on his fastball, his change is nasty and he is starting to develop a pretty good curve ball, he also has and knocked off .3 on his 60 time. He will be 16 on July 21st.

How Joey Used His Sinker and
Change Up To Strike Out 8 Batters
in 5 Innings AND
Got The Game Ball!

I have really been studying your videos on the sinker and changeup for the past week or so. It payed off the last time when I pitched. I pitched today and it was windy. So, I knew my (your) sinker and change up you have been teaching me online were going to be successful because they are offspeed and would move even more in the wind. Well, that is exactly what happened. I threw my maximum 5 innings in the game giving up only 1 earned run with 8 strike outs. We won and I recieved the game ball and I owe it all to you!

Joey Medlen
14u Pitcher

Female Pitcher Uses 90mph Club
To Breaks Barrier, Throw Gas
And Play Pro Ball!!

“Just one small part of the 90 MPH Club helped elevate my game and get me to the pro level. As a female pitcher, coming up through the baseball ranks, I didn’t always have the knowledge resources male players had at their disposal. The 90 MPH Club helped me to fill that gap. The 90 MPH Club provides innovative, cutting-edge training tips and access to information that is difficult to get if you’re not in a top-level D-1 or affiliated ball program. The pitch selection and sequencing discussion are worth the full purchase price alone. I hope you’ll try the 90 MPH Club. Even if you don’t use every single aspect of what you learn, I firmly believe you will become a better pitcher as a direct result!”

Tiffany Brooks
Only Woman Playing Professional Baseball

Pitchers Dream Come True:
Gained 10mph and GOT DRAFTED!

Coach Paul Reddick:

I’m emailing today to tell you my story and let you know all the things your program has done for me. First off I must say that the 90mph club is the best program there is. I pitched my college ball at a small division 2 school in Missouri. When I got there I had a very unimpressive fastball that was 82-84. My first two years at college I began suffering from arm injuries and missed a lot of time. After my sophomore season, I thought my baseball career was probably over, I kept having arm problems and I was pitching very poorly. It was during the summer of 2008 that I came across the 90mph club on the internet and thought about giving it a shot.

Within weeks of doing the workouts and the long toss I noticed my stuff was getting better, I had more velocity, and best of all my arm injuries were no more. I went on to have a very good junior season, win the league pitcher of the year in summer ball after my junior season, and then became an all-conference pitcher my senior season at college.

My fastball had gone from 82-84 to 91-94 and my offspeed stuff was better than ever. Then two weeks ago I realized my dream when I was drafted by the Kansas City Royals. I have to give a lot credit to your program for where I am today. I would highly recommend this program to any pitcher who is serious about getting everything out of themselves.

Thanks for your time,
Christian Witt

“1 Hitter! Slider, Curve and
Split Were Dirty….He Stopped
Listening To The Traditional
Coaches Who Wanted To
Change His Arm Angle”

I’ve been a relief pitcher all season, throwing an inning here and there but mostly sitting the bench. One of our starters got hurt and they gave me the start against Wheat Ridge High School, the number one ranked team in 4A in Colorado. We won 12-1 in five innings (10 run rule). The one run was a home run in the first by their three hitter (a split that he got uunder just enough to get it out). For the rest of the game i walked three, struck out two, and gave up no other hits. I gave up a one-hitter to the best team in Colorado! It was the best day of my life.

My slider, curve, and split were dirty as all heck. I couldn’t locate my fastball so only threw it about 50% of the time. It’s not over-powering but because of the control i had on everything else they were behind, uncomfortable, and looking like little leaguers. I threw a total of, (get this) 51 pitches! I only had to throw about 10 pitches an inning to beat the best team in the state! Thank you so much for your videos on release point for all of the pitches, but most of all for the video on arm angles. I used to have a Pedro Martinez release; the coaches changed it to way over the top; i reverted back to it the last half of this season, and bam! One hitter haha. Thank you again Paul.

-Cameron Dietz

11 Strike Outs, 3 Hits
In League Championship

Hey Paul its Jake.

I joined the 90 mph club a few months ago, I’ve gained about five mph and been fooling kids with all the breaking balls. Just last night our coach started me for our league championship. I had 11 strikeouts and gave up three hits, they gave me player of the game. This program has brought every aspect of the game to another level.

Jake Newtoen


Just wanted to give you the latest update…… Ok, Vinny made the middle school team and they are carrying 22 players and they all split time which is a great way to introduce them to school ball. Vinny has pitched in one game thus far. Came in relief with the bases loaded nobody out with his team down by a run. Struck out the side and got his team out of the jam….. Was dominate the rest of the way recording 7 strikeouts in 4 innings with no runs allowed and got his 1st school career win.

Vinny has been continuing with your program and we did some long toss and pull downs today…. Stats below:

Long Toss Max distance today was 225 feet
Max MPH – 59 today!!!!!!

HOLY MACKAREL is all I have to say! He wanted to break 60 real bad today but I know next time out he will break 60. I spoke with him and asked him for a new revised goal for August just before he gets to Cooperstown….. New Goal is 65…… He just said to me dad what happens if I hit 65 by July !!! LOL….. What a great problem to have right!!!!

Just wanted to keep you abreast of your favorite fan in Massapequa….. Vinny Amalfitano (12U)

Joe Amalfitano

12 Year Old Pitcher
Gains 7mph
Coach Using Workouts
With Team

Good morning Paul. Love your system and the work outs for my son have been paying off. I use them as warm ups for the entire team. My son Ryan has jumped from 65 mph to 72- 74 mph! He is 12 and threw four innings, with 1 hit allowed. He proceeded to pick the kid off at first base. Had six strike outs. He loves the cutter video. Thank you and I’ve attached a video clip of him this last Saturday.

Jason MCcarty

Paul’s comments
Way to go Ryan! Ryan is a great example of a younger pitcher using our system the right way. 90% of the 90mph Club can be used by pitchers of all ages.

Parents and coaches often ask about throwing different pitches at younger ages. There are no hard and fast rules here. It really comes down to the individual pitcher. I’ve coaches 11 year olds that I felt 100% fine with teaching breaking pitches. On the flip side, I’ve had 16 year olds I felt were not ready.

It comes down to physical matuarity, strength, flexability, and mechanics. It’s not a certain age or time in your career.

Pitches don’t hurt your arm. They WAy a pitch is thrown is what does it. The most stressful pitch on your arm is a fastball. A fastball throwin wrong will do more harm then a curveball thrown right.

“5’6” Lefty Fools Hitters With
Change And Breaking Ball”

Dear Coach Paul,

My name is Joseph Casa. I have been a member of the 90 mph club for some time now and I think it is amazing. My older cousin invested in this when I asked him to help me out and improve my performance. I am so grateful that I found this site. I am currently a junior in high school in Chicago, Illinois. I’m a left handed pitcher, only about 5″6′. Before joining this program, my fastball was weak and my off speed was missing some bite. I now throw a good changeup that really fools hitters as well as my breaking ball. My catcher noticed that I must be consistently throwing in the high 70’s, which is a big step up from before. My last two outings were great, I just shut down a top team in our city. Sadly, we lost 2-0 with two unearned runs. I gave up about two or three hits that made no impact on the game. There is so much more I can say. This will help extremely when it is time to try and play in college.. Thank you for your time Coach Paul!

Sincerely, Joseph Casa

“Picked Up 5MPH and Signed
National Letter Of Intent”

Stephen Dickerson, a 6’1″, 185 lb. 17-year old in the graduating Class of 2011 from Danbury, CT, signed his National Letter of Intent to play for the Dustdevils of Texas A&M International in Laredo, TX next season. Dickerson is currently 3-1 with a 1.20 ERA, strikeout-to-walk ratio of 9:1, opposing batting average (OBA) of .151, an on-base percentage of .187, and WHIP of .729 . Velocity was clocked at 82-mph (Stalker) by a Boston Red Sox scout on April 18th, and his breaking ball is sharp and crisp. When Dickerson joined the 90-mph Club just 3-months ago, his velocity was 77-78-mph. Far from full physical maturity, by continuing to work hard, and remaining fundamentally and mechanically sound, another 6-8-mph is just around the corner.

Touching 90mph!


I have been doing your super 7 legs  5 times a week as well as the energy workouts everyday along with running up to 12 miles a week and lifting, and I have seen great results.  I have not been gunned yet this year but my coach is saying its easily high 80’s, and I might even be touching 90’s.  I like all the weekly advice you send as well working on the mental side of the game because I have trying to read as much material as I can on pitching strategies and what not, Whatever will take me to my greatest potential and give me an edge over my opponents.  Yesterday in my game against our rival Valley, I went the distance pitching 7 innings striking out 13 giving up 4 hits and walking 2, but chalked up a loss which is a little frustrating. We made 7 errors and 3 base running mistakes in a 3-2 loss.  In every outing I feel as if I am becoming better and stronger as the season grows deeper, which is something positive I can take out of this game.

Thanks for all your help and support!  I’ll continue to keep you updated

Dave Yakopec


Dear Paul,

I am continuing to find success with your program and my stamina has been unbelievable!  I went the distance on Monday pitching 7 innings and striking out 11 batters.  My legs have never felt better this early in the year and a Brewers scout was there clocking me and taking video.  He told me i was topping out at 88, which was on two days rest.  I am looking forward to the day when I can officially tell you that I topped 90 mph!  The Brewers scout said he really likes me and i have great stuff.  He is going to send his notes and tape to his boss and plans on attending my next two starts!  I’ll keep you updated.

Thanks for everything!

Dave Yakopec

“HIT 89mph Several Times”

Coach Paul,

Just wanted to let you know that last Thursday I pitched the best i have all season.

 Hit 89 mph several times!  Still haven’t got to the “big nine oh” yet 🙁

I feel it coming though!

Stats for this weekend, 7 innings pitched, 3 hits, 0 er, 8 k’s.


Stephen Leskow


Just a note to say thanks. Chip couldn’t break into the starting rotation last year. This year he has worked hard using your system and has earned the start on opening day. The thing that makes me pleased is when he does make a bad pitch, he can tell you why he made the bad pitch and then make the correction the next pitch. We still have a lot of work to do, but we are seeing some rewards. Thanks.

C. Alan Ogles MD


Chip pitched 3 innings today.  Had a no-no going until the 3rd.  gave up a Texas leaguer.  2 errors and then scored 2 runs. All 9 outs were Ks.  Only 3 walks.  It was odd.  He didn’t have good control of his FB, but his cutter and change were nasty.

Thanks a bunch.  He’s getting better.

C. Alan Ogles MD

”Ball Is Jumping Out
Of My Hands. I’m Leading
The Team In Saves”

Hey Paul,

I’m a DI pitcher and years I have been past on because of my velocity because I was only at 83-84 mph. However, from the addition with just the 30 day trial I feel like my time is just about to come. I have just done the warmups and the leg workouts and I can already feel the ball jump out of my hand. I have gone from being in meaningless games (losing 11-0) to leading the team in saves and coming into to hold teams in conference games with only a 1 run lead. I would just like to thank you very much for the addition you have made to my career and I can only wait until I can email you back and tell you where my final velocity is at.

For those kids who think its too late to to add velocity to their fastball and another pitch to your arsenal you obviously don’t want it bad enough. Regardless if you are playing juco ball or in the SEC, you can get better and it is a step in the right direction if you join the club. If you think other people won’t pick up the program than you don’t want to play pro ball, give your spot up to somebody who wants to have the opportunity to play at the next level. Get the program, do the workouts, get the results you want.

I have only been at this program for two weeks and the program has made my fastball jump out of my hand a lot easier because the warmup and workouts have enabled me to get loose easier rather than running 20 poles. The wealth of knowledge you are giving in just the 30 day trial you should be charging about $500 rather than just $1. I can’t believe the knowledge that you possess and I hope to have a baseball conversation with you face to face one day. I can understand why parents are buying the program for their kids now because they wish they had this resource when they played back in the day.

Ryan Dillabough

Longtime Member
Using 90mph Club
To Prepare For Pro Ball!

Hey Paul,

First off just want to thank you for everything that you’ve done with the 90 mph club. I’ve been a member since February 2009 and have loved every second of it! I am currently training for my first season of pro ball and lately had been feeling like my body wasn’t quite where it needed to be. I’ve been training all off-season and I needed something to kick it in to high gear. That’s when you came out with the 7 Minute Velocity Workout program. I instantly signed up and it was the answer I was looking for! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your velocity mindset videos on there as well; I really think that your mindset is a key to optimal performance. I have been clocked sitting at 88-90 and haven’t been on the gun since I’ve started the program. I’m really looking forward to when I do, last bullpen catcher asked me if I had been holding back all off-season. Said I was throwing significantly harder! Those that missed out on this need to be waiting by their computers the next time you do this! Look forward to the rest of the workouts.

-Chris Welborn

Pitcher Defies The Odds and Uses 90mph Club To Prove Doctors Wrong!!

Mr. Reddick,

6 months ago i was involved in an accident that broke my elbow the doctors told me i would probably never get back to throwing a baseball again and if i did it would be at least 2 years. i am proud to say that i am now throwing flat grounds again and am continuing to defy the odds and the doctors words. They are in total shock and i owe much of this to you. i was involved in your club a while back and have continued to use the techniques and strength programs you provided while under the watch of the doctors. These videos are proof that your program works.

Closer 28

From 82 to 87 MPH !

Dear Coach Reddick,

    I want to start by thanking you for the outstanding program. It truly is one of a kind! The DVDs, online content, and manuals are top notch. The materials begin with explanations that really make the coaching points click, the workouts have given me more SIGNIFICANTLY better results in just a few months than I have gotten out of more traditional training methods in the last 2-3 years!

    When I started this program in the fall of 2010 (my sophomore year of college), I was topping out at 82 mph and sitting at around 77-79 mph pitching for an NCAA Division II program and was forced to rely heavily on off-speed “junk” pitches in order to get outs. Now, in the late winter/early spring of 2011, just a few short months later, I am topping out 87! Now I rely much more heavily on my fastball and guess what else? All my off speed, junky pitches have improved as well!

I know this is 100% thanks to your program! I would also like to thank you for the personal correspondence I’ve had with you and how much you really care about your members. I have e-mailed you on several occasions and have never had to wait more than a couple hours for a response, which, I think is one of the single best things about being a 90mphclub member.

Hoping to be reaching the 90 mph mark and above soon!

— A very, very satisfied Pitcher! #3

P.S. I would like to add that my teammates now joke that my fastball last year was slower than my change-up this year!

People Accused Him
Of Using Roids!

Dear Paul,

I am a sophomore at Marvyille College, an NCCA Division 3 affiliated school. I was really excited when I was recruted to this school and worked hard to compete for the spring. We had a pretty deep pitching staff, but I felt like I could compete. Long story short I played a very minimal amount of innings on the Junior Varsity team due to an arm injury.

The season inspired me to work extremely hard during the summer to earn some innings the next year. I was committed to working out and running, but it felt like I kept hitting a brick wall after a while. I was looking online for some pitching tips, and some how I found the 90 mile per hour site. (I think my mom showed me a Zinger article) anyway I looked at it and asked my dad whether or not I should try it. He looked at it and noticed the 30 day trial, so we figured we’d give it a shot.

From day one I loved the focus of the workouts and the way they were taken to the extreme with whatever you had available. I focused the whole summer on being commited to this program and noticed some nice gains from it. I did struggle on the mound at first with my new velocity gains. I struggled in the form of control. It was a great summer to work on stuff for the season.

The team I played on went to a showcase (Beast of the East) in west virginia and I decided (even though i was already at a college) to show what I had accomplished. I threw a bullpin and got noticed by a pretty big Division 1 school by the name of Boston College! what a thrill to hear!

I took all that I learned from the summer to school and had a dominating fall. The fall lead me into the spring competing for the number 3 spot in the rotation on Varsity. My fastball jumped (in one summer) from topping out at 86 MPH to recently topping out at 92 our first series!

Its funny how people are questioning me about taking “roids” (I know that is a serious subject, and i have done no such thing) but, I just love how players questioned the weird workouts I was doing in the fall and pre-game but now; they are begging me to tell them why I am doing them, where I found them, and how they could get them. Don’t worry you should have some customers from my school soon.

I am extremely pleased with my results and I am planning on building off of where I am now. It is exciting to have my fastball and off speed working (almost the way I want them) so I can focus on the mental approach to my game.

Thank you for offering such an honest system for a great price! I have told a lot of people about this program. (its so good, I almost don’t want to give the secret away)

Respectfully, Nick Bowers

First appearance -home opener-

(In the nightcap, four MC hurlers combined for a one-hit gem on the mound. Nick Bowers surrendered the only hit in three innings of work. The hard throwing right-hander struck out seven of the thirteen batters he faced. Wes Dobson picked up the win with two strong innings of relief. He struck out three of his seven batters. Clint Helton and Mark Morales closed the door to finish the game for MC on the hill.) -Maryville College Website

Stats (#34 Nick Bowers [ERA= 3.60]   [W/L 3-0]  [Innings pitched 15.0]  [SO 14] [opponents batting AVG .185])

“Instantly Get More
Movement And Control”


My 17 year old son has seemed to hit a wall at 84-85 mph. Since we have received the 90mph system a couple weeks ago, he is doing the workouts and studied the pitches dvd. We have not been able to gun him yet, however he feels strong and stable and excited about seeing what his velocity is at. He had problems with his change up and with your instruction with the 90mph system has been able to almost instantly get more movement and control. You make it very clear and simple on what is important in throwing these pitches.

Can’t wait to see the results from the workouts and other information you have given him. We will let you know his progress!

Thanks Again!!!

HB Sablotny

“Hurt Dad’s HAND :]”


I wanted to thank you and to let you know how impressed I am with what you are doing.

When I started looking for ways to help my son regain his confidence on hispitching about a month ago, and not knowing how to do this in a short timeperiod, (since he was already in the middle of baseball tryout at his HS). Iran into your program on the web. I felt pretty confident with giving yourprogram a try since through the years I have seen some of your short clipsin you tube but was not really aware you had this program. I signed up andE-mailed you expecting some sort of reply in the near future. To myamazement, you replied in less than 2 hours. THAT WAS AMAZING!!!! I knew then I had made the right choice. After I videotaped him at your request, I could see quite a few problem but no idea how I could help him. We then had the web meeting with you, and I cannot thank you enough on your analysis andthe way you explained every movement cause and effect and gave him a fewthings to work on. He was so excited to go try then knowing why he was to dothem, not just someone telling him to do this drill etc..

He convinced me to go catch with him even thought it was getting dark outside. It had only been a few minutes since we got off the phone with you. He was not trying to throw hard, just to concentrate on what you told him, but for the first time in about a year my hand was hurting when I caught him, but don’t let him know I said that. Can’t wait to tape him again in about 2 weeks to see his improvement. Till then…


Juan Leon

If you want to add MPH to your fastball and take your pitching to the next level then Paul Reddick is the way to go. I’m also aware of Paul’s work with Yogi Berra at his museum and they always run a first class program.

Goose Gossage, Member, Baseball Hall Of Fame

“Paul is a great coach. Who really knows his stuff. He’s the only guy I trust to run my camps”

– Yogi Berra

“My passion has always been helping pitchers get better. Paul Reddick shares that same passion. His program gives pitchers of all ages the right information and instruction to reach their goals”

Dave Eiland, Pitching Coach

“For parents, pitchers and coaches who want the big league edge I would recommend Paul Reddick’s 90mph Club. Paul’s one of those guys who takes pitchers to the next level.”

Rick Honeycutt, Pitching Coach
Los Angeles Dodgers

I been a subscriber of Paul Reddick and his 90mph club for years.

I would recommend his program for any pitcher who wants to get to the next level.”

Derek Johnson, Pitching Coach
Vanderbilt Univ.

“FROM 83mph to 90mph!!”

Dear Paul,

Jack just got his showcase times for the Blue Grey Classic down in Wake Forrest. His Fastball was 90mph. He knew he had been hitting 89 in the game, but was unsure about his clocking during the workouts. Needless to say he is pleased. He has now heard directly from 51 colleges.

Thanks again for all of your help.

Mr. John Bender

“From 81mph to 87mph”

Hey Paul Reddick I wanted to let you know how the program has been going so far for me and its been a huge success in just a month and couple of weeks. My name is Joseph Vazquez turned 16 on march, I’ve been pitching for one year, soon to be two and its been a challenging experience. I’ve listen to many of the audio that you provided in the website and everything has been a assistance. The workouts are challenging but fun and have increased my ability to play other sports as well. Before I started this program I believed i threw 81 MPH at max now with all the dedication and hard work i got tested today on velocity and my fastball averaged around 84-85 and MAxed out at 87 mph. I was surprised by the results and not only has my fastball command gotten better but my breaking pitches as well. As my high school looks to add a baseball team for the first time next year I look to have success thanks to this program and I want to thank you for your assistance.

Joseph Vazquez

“From 82mph to 89mph”

Hey Paul, I’m 16 and a junior in highschool. I just wanted to say thanks a lot for the program, since being on it my arm bounces back a lot faster from start to start, and I haven’t experienced any arm problems I have had in previous years. I went from throwing 79-82 and topping at 87 to 84-86 and topping at 89.  I do believe this increase is due to your program so I wanted to once again say thanks, and I look forward to this program pushing me to 90 mph and beyond soon.

Josh Nichols

“Ball Jumping
Out Of My Hand”

Hey paul, The three day report: I can already feel the ball jumping out of my hand. I just feel more natural and I could throw for a little longer than I normally throw. Just wondering, when is the part 3 of the recruiting questions coming out?


“From 82mph to 90mph”

Hey coach,

Hi Paul, I have been frequenting your site for a while now along with receiving your emails and it has been very helpful. Since I started viewing you videos along with my 17 year old son, he has used some of your advice and resources with great success. He has used the Jaeger long toss program and bands along with some of the mental aspects that your videos have provided specifically the confidence building. He went from throwing 82 mph last spring to 90 mph this fall. He also worked with a very good local pitching coach that played MLB. This has created a real buzz around him being recruited by over 20 schools ( the majority Div. 1) in the NY,NJ,CT area since attending a local showcase in the Fall. That’s the good news. The bad news is he has taken school lightly for the past 3 plus years ( he is a senior this year) and would love to attend a Div. 1 school and verbally committed to one. He needs to hit a certain sat score that he is 30 points short of to receive a 65% athletic scholarship that has been offered.

Jim Campbell

“Increased Speed 5mph”

Hi Paul. My son started using the 90 mph system in July.He just started Fall Ball and I’m happy to report that his pitching speed increased 5mph. He is very satisfied with the program. Thanks.

Kaleb Hefner

“Easily 3-4 MPH Harder”

Paul, I am a new member to the 90 MPH Club. I am a junior pitcher at the University of Mobile in Alabama and a high school pitching coach at home in Iowa. I purchased your program more for the kids I coach than for myself. That being said in the little time that I’ve had your program some of your thoughts coupled with some of my pitching coaches thoughts, and my own thoughts have proven very beneficial even in the brief one week period of time. In a throwing session today my coach commented that I am easily throwing 3-4 mph harder than I did last week and my fastball movement is much better.

Thank you.


“6mph Improvement”

Paul – My son just graduated from high school and is planning on going to a D-II school in Colorado. He is playing Legion ball this summer and getting ready for a July 12th workout with the college coaches. We’ve been getting your 90 mph emails for quite some time and saw dramatic improvement in velocity last year (5 – 6 mph improvement).

Mike Nash

“I Didn’t Think I Could
Increase Velocity… but your
teaching proved me wrong”

Paul, Thank you for all of your baseball knowledge. Your 90mph CD has help alot and has increased my velocity. When I started I was throwing between 82-84mph, now I have hit 90mph and I can throw the ball from out of the park, 308ft with a 20ft fence. Something I could not do when I was in college. I’m 28 and I didn’t think I could increase my velocity but your teaching proved me wrong. Your program along wth jeager long toss program is the way to go! I play on recording myself throwing it out the park and showing my top speed on the radar gun shortly. Thanx again!

Greg King


Paul, I just thought that I would write to you and let you know how the 90 MPH workouts have helped my son. He has been on the program for about 10 days doing the leg exercises, push ups and the pitching energy workouts. He pitched a no hitter last night. I do know that he was throwing a lot harder last night than his previous game the week before. Several of the parents commented on how much harder he was throwing. He is a firm believer in the workouts and the program. Thanks for all that you do for the youth in baseball and helping them get better and achieve their dreams. I have posted the article from the local paper about his no hitter.

Roy Fraser


Paul, I got and listened to/watched your rehab materials and I really liked them. They were very clear and practical. I have seen several of the other “gurus” speak and I’d have to say that you have made the most sense so far. What I liked about your presentation is that instead of placing “mechanics” first, you were noticing a problem and addressing it from a strength standpoint first and mechanic that needs fixing second. Thanks.



Hey, Paul I watched Some Of Your Videos and Then I Watched Some Other Videos On How To Throw Curveballs, Sliders, Cutter, Sinker, and The Change Up. The Way I Got Interested In Throwing These Pitches Was One Day Me and My Friends Were Playing Catch and The We Stated A Game! Now, My Friend He Threw This Great Slider and I Asked Him Where He Learned To Throw Like That, and He Said I Watched Paul Peddick’s Videos On You Tube. Thanks,

Dylan Brooks

“It Was Flat…

okay thanks i was throwing today(i try to throw almost everyday) and i specificaly was working on my 2SFB and i started to see like 3 inches of movement. it was consistent all the time i’m working on that but before it just stayed flat but now it MOVES!

thanks you.



Coach Reddick, I was on your website looking at the new videos you’ve been posting lately, and just wanted to say they’re great.Your entire program is amazing, and i’ve been taking your advice and using your workouts, and have seen drastic improvement; i.e. clocked fastball at 88mph.

Keep it up, it helps alot!! Yours in baseball,



By the way, I picked up a copy of “The Picture Perfect Pitcher”, and I love it. As I have told you, I don’t have a lot of money, so paying a pitching coach is out of the question. Your book, while simple enough for anyone with a high school diploma to understand, is technical enough that it really gives those who read it and follow the 5 must-do fundamentals of pitching a serious advantage over those rising pitchers who do not. As a dad trying to teach his son how to pitch who never himself even played baseball, you have been a great help to me, and I can’t thank you enough. I told all the other serious dad’s about your you tube account, and I’ll be telling people about your books from now on.

Thanks A Million,

Steve Campbell


Tried the new sinker today in a pen and in one word…filthy. Thanks for the help.

Stew Brase

“Gained 3mph”

i apreciate you taking time away from your day to help me out doing a great job. i’ve gained 3mph on fastball


“From 62 – 71 MPH”

Paul, I want to take a moment to say thank you for your ground breaking pitching programs, and info. The unlocking velocity program has made a HUGE impact on my 2 pitchers who have gone thru the program. Both pitchers have shown an increase of 9mph in just the 4 months of work.

Eric is a young soph 3b/ pitcher who was never able to throw more than an inning or two effectively , he went from 71 to 80, and went from not on the pitching map on varsity, to going 3-0 with 3 complete games. But the most amazing thing was there was very little soreness after pitching.

Josh is a young, and late maturing freshman just 102 lbs, he is a classic control guy, who I was not sure if he would be able to compete on the bigger high school field. He went from 62 to 71, went 8-1 on JV and was given a varsity start, due to his great season, which he won giving up 1 and striking out 10 . without this program, he would never been able to pitch at the high school level. Both boys will continue to work hard at the program, and now the other players have noticed the increase and also want to begin the program. This has helped our team so much, and I just want to say thanks again!

Joe Suvak

THROW 90mph!

“Hello, My name is Adam Netherland, i’m 14 years old and I just want to start it off saying that from reading all of your emails and watching the videos. I have pitched 3 complete games, 47 innings, and had over 45 strikeouts this season in 18 games! I just wanted to tell you thank you so much and you really helped me with my pitching. Also my fastball velocity went from 61-63mph to 67-70mph!”

Thanks, Adam

“See’s What Other
Guru’s Don’t”

“We have been to the greats House to Thurston, purchased tapes from Mills to Marshall, had lessons at the local baseball academies taught by ex-major leaguers and still ended up with my son having a sore arm. We could never figure out why – then someone recommend Paul Reddick to us. We drove 2.5 hours and in one hour he fixed my sons problems approach problems. Paul saw what all the others didn’t. Why can he “see” what others didn’t -I don’t know, but if you are looking an expert pitching advice contact Paul.”

Peter and Mark Podalas

I really respect your work and have recommended you to a number of people. I have been a successful head college coach for 20 years and I only recommend people whose work and insights I respect.

Mark Jackson, Texas A&M International University Head Baseball Coach

“From 72mph to 78mph”


I just wanted to let you know how thankful we are that we found you. My son Tyler is 15 years old and is in the 10th grade in Lugoff, SC. He is an avid baseball fan and eats, sleeps, and breathes baseball. Actually, he always has. He has been playing since age 5! He was always a second baseman until a coach (who was a minor league player) guided him toward pitching. He is a sidearm pitcher now. At 15 he has had every problem imaginable with his arm until we found you!!!

He has just tried out for our high school baseball team this week. Over the summer he was throwing around 72 mph, but he never lasted an entire game due to his arm hurting. Then, a couple of weeks ago we found you!!! Tyler and I sat and watched all of the information you provided (exercise, problems other pitchers faced and how they were corrected, hydrate, etc.) and Tyler took all of that in. On Tuesday of this week after not pitching since the summer, Tyler went out for the high school team. He used everything he learned, especially the breathing, and toed the mound. He is 5’6″ and weighs about 145 pounds. He stood there with guys twice his size, but none with his determination or heart. When he pitched, the coaches clocked him and he clocked 78, yes 78 mph!!!!

Most moms don’t get into baseball like I do!!! But we both love it. When I saw what he clocked on the gun, I was absolutely astounded. WE OWE ALL OF THIS TO YOU!!!!

I guess what I wanted to say with this HUGE e-mail is thanks so much! You have made a huge difference in Tyler, just from the information and education we have gotten from you so far!! I know it will just keep getting better with you in our corner!!!!!!!!


Lezli Rabon & Tyler, YOUR BIGGEST FANS!

“From 85mph to 98mph”


“From 88mph to 96mph”

Passion about the game comes no higher than yours. Paul, I got it… I love it… Over the past few years we have had several guys go from 85 to 98 Mitch Arnold Anaheim, J ohn Lujan, 88 to 96 Texas Rangers, Josh Giles 84-94 Texas Rangers, Cody Harkum 89-95 K.C.

Coach Birmingham

“Going To Williamsport”


I want to thank you for the good advices you gave me and for the good tips you always e-mail me. I want to thank you because using what you always advice has helped my 12 year son (who play’s catcher for the team of Curacao) to help his team win the Caribbean championship in Puerto Rico and now they’re going to Williamsport in the little league worldseries. This has been always my dream and it has come true. Your tips has helped him to become a very stable and tough competitor. Again thanks and I will tell everybody about you. Here on the island of Curacao and in Williamsport when I go there.


During the summer our kids call me to find out when I am receiving New Material from you. Keep up the Good Work. Remember you get out of it what you put into it. Our Slogan at Orono High School is simple “Success Comes from the Backbone Not The Wishbone.”

Thanks for all you do for the Game.

Todd Klingsporn, Head Baseball Coach, Orono High School

“From 88mph to 91mph”

Hey Paul,

It’s Marc again I dont know if you remember me but we talked before about some little things i could do to gain velocity. I did all of those things and my velocity did jump, and i was very pleased I hit 91 atleast three or 4 times when i had benn only toppin out at 88..I was just wondering if i wasnt bothering you now that our fall season is over if i could bother you to put together a off season throwing program for about a month and a half so i can gain even more velocity while doing all those workouts that you already have given me. I really appreciate all your help that you have given me.

Thanks again.

Marc Nellist

“Became A Sinkerball”

I appreciate these videos because I dont have much velocity my fastball it’s only around 77 mph but your videos about how to throw a sinker have helped me become a successful sinkerballer.


Roderick Thomas

“Complete Game Shutout-
and 9k’s “

hey paul, i pitched my first regular season game today, i pitched a complete game shutout with 9ks, 2hits, and 1 walk..so i did really good..and my arm feels really good in the last inning it felt like it did in the 2nd..my pitches have been working really well for me ive been locating my change-up really good..ill keep you updated on how i do through the year. thanks again for everything.


“13 Innings with 33 k’s”

Hey Paul, Saw your guys game highlights on top 10 on SC. Anyways This is Doug DeGroot if you remember me, and My team and I are doing great this season we are 10-1 and just won two tournements and are 1st seed in Colorado.We also Qualified for The Triple Crown World Series in Steamboat Springs.The reason I’m messaing you is because my slider is still doing great. I’ve only pitched 13 innings and already have 33 strikeouts, which is 33/39 kids have struckout against me. Sounds amazing huh? I’ve been trying to teach my teammates that avg in the low 70’s how to throw a slider. I’ve been trying to explain the release points like how you explain (the fastball,cutter,slider, and curveball)


“They Really Work”

HI paul, i just recently saw your video’s. And already I’m a big fan of how you teach some of your material. My pitching coach who is from puerto rico is telling me the same thing that you saw in your videos. And i have to say. I saw your tutorial on sinkers, and change ups, and they really work. Thank you very much for that. It saved me at least a year in a half to perfect that pitch. And i’m in the process of watching the 90mph club dvd’s. Just wanted to let you know that your information is very useful and thank you

Jesse V

“Best Explainatio Of How To
Throw A Change-Up”

Paul, That was the best explanation on how to throw a change-up that I have ever heard. I’m a 34 pharmaceutical rep who hasn’t played competitively in about 14 years and you gave me a great way to explain to my nephew (and when he gets a little older, my son) how to practice throwing a change-up. Very basic and easy to teach, and most importantly, easy to understand and put into practice. And by the way, thanks for setting people straight on the “circle” change-up being just a tool to teach people how to throw the change-up and that it has nothing to do with you making a circle with your fingers. Great info, thanks a lot.

Matt Bergwall


WOW!!!!!!! My son Kevin Roberts just became a member to the 90mph club this last weekend. We have only used the information you have given us on the Internet. He had his first game since we became members. He pitched a 3 hit shut out with 8 strike outs. He is working on getting his release point out in front of his body more and that seemed to help out on his accuracy. Thanks and I will keep you update. ( This was his first shut out and he did it on my birthday.) Thanks for all the great information and the sky is the limit for this kid.


Josie Roberts

“Paul Delivers ON EVERYTHING He Promises”


Thanks so much for taking the time to discuss Eric’s shoulder problem and to review his video. I am amazed at the personal attention you provide and how you always seem to be available whenever I have a question or a concern. The consultation you provide to young pitchers (and their parents) is invaluable. I am not sure how you are able to provide all the time to your members that you do. I strongly recommend to anyone who hasn’t joined your club to do so immediately. You will not be disappointed as Paul delivers on everything he promises.

Thanks Again,


“From 80mph to 90mph…

Paul, at first the excercises and drills in the 90 mph program looked skeptical and like a waste of money. However, I tried some of the excercises on my own and got a great workout from the drills and excercises. My ability to play every sport has improved and my pitching velocity has increased dramaticaly. Before I bought the program I was throwing 80mph. After doing some of the excericises(mainly the leg and back excercises) and jaegar long toss I am now throwing up to 90mph. The workouts helped me jump 10 mph in 3 months and are still helping me improve my mechanics and velocity.

Thank You,

Chris Perry



A couple of weeks ago Mando had been struggling with his control. Example: In three innings of work he had around 70 pitches, walked 4, gave up 6 hits, and 4 runs.

Paul was able to find two simple easy fixes. Mando did mention that they were easy adjustments. He did work on it during his bull pen work, practice, and a couple innings to close out games. However, leading up to the complete game Mando ended up with his best outing. He pitched 115 pitches, 2 BB’s, 2 hits, and 13 K’s.

Paul thanks for your input on what Mando needed to work on.

Thank You,

Nef Manrriqu

“Added 4 MPH”


I’m a little over halfway through my college season and I thought I would share with you the benefits your program have given me combined with some mental training. I did the 90 mph workouts all summer/fall/winter and:

–Have increased my velocity by about 4-6 mph with noticeably more movement and my other pitches have become much better as well.

Colin Mulligan

“THROWING 92mph”

Alex is a 15 year old RH pitcher. He is 5′ 2″ and weights 100lbs. He currently plays JV for his high school. With his size he needs to be mechanically sound and needs to use his entire body to gain and type of speed on the fastball. Alex is a solid pitcher with excellent control. He has 3 quality pitches. My concern with Alex was, he was only making modest gains in velocity. We subscribed to the 90 MPH club. And in 4 months Alex has gained 6 MPH on his fastball. I do expect him to gain another 1 to 2 MPH before the season ends in July. If he continues to progress at this same rate at the age of 18 he should be throwing 91 to 92 MPH. Thanks to your program Mr. Reddick Alex has an excellent chance to make his college team as a pitcher.

Don Nowak

“90mph Club is for real”

I was getting pretty frustrated with my pitching performance of late so i decided i’d give Mr. Reddick a run for his money and see if he actually followed through with his claims. I emailed him and told him what i was going through and i instantly received a reply that day and set up a meeting over the computer a couple days later where he not only went over what i was doing wrong but gave me ways to fix the problems. On top of all of this he also recognized that i had been in sort of a mental funk and gave me advice in order to over come this too. I’d have to say that the 90 mph club is for real and the care about and enjoy helping their clients.


“From 67mph to 73mph”

My name is Alex Mcgrath and you and your program has helped me in various ways. i am 14 years old and had my first game i throw 73 mph through out the game. i uses to throw 67 but you and your program i can through much harder thanks.

Alex Mcgrath

“No Other Coach Delivered
The Goods Like
Paul Reddick”

Dear Paul:

Thank you for the time and effort you took with me and my family to make me a better person and pitcher. Your program to help me throw harder is excellent and the time you gave me was unbelievable and a great help.

To those of you thinking of purchasing any of Paul Reddick’s products, you need to read this letter. I am a junior at a highly rated public school in New York who pitches and plays first base. I was very interested in Paul’s promise of throwing harder and wrote him a letter, as so many coaches and programs promise so much, but never deliver. Much to my surprise, I received a note from Paul and the two of us worked out a time when we could talk to each other. I was so excited that someone of Paul’s caliber took the time to write me personally that I used my own money to purchase Paul’s course.

Since that time, the two of us have had the opportunity to talk and I have taken advantage of the opportunity to send Paul a video for an evaluation. Paul evaluated my pitching motion and was able to pick up on some particular issues I was having. Paul made recommendations for me to help get better as a pitcher. What a great service Paul offered me. No other coach or program has delivered the goods the way Paul Reddick did for me. I would urge you to purchase his videos today. We all know that these people who sell these programs on the Internet are mainly looking to make a buck…and there’s nothing wrong with that. What impressed my family the most, was that Paul personally took the time to write and spend the time to work one on one with me to make me a better player. Who could ask for more? A promise kept by a real pro. Thanks for your help!!!

Jake Traub
Suffern, New York

“I Was Terrible Now
Throwing 85mph”

I want to to thank you for everything. before this i was TERRIBLE at pitching after using 90 mph club i am now the starting pitcher,before i only pitched 75 at freshman now at Sophmore i am pitching 85 thank you

Chris Hart

“From 63mph to 70mph”

Hello, My name is Adam Netherland, i’m 14 years old and I just want to start it off saying that from reading all of your emails and watching the videos on your web site, I have pitched 3 complete games, 47 innings, and had over 45 strikeouts this season in 18 games! I just wanted to tell you thank you so much and you really helped me with my pitching. Also my fastball velocity went from 61-63mph to 67-70mph!



“Added 5 MPH with a mechanical fix”

Hey paul,

it’s david and i just joined your 90mph club. thanks for all the videos, just by fixing my mechanics i’ve gained about 5-8mph.

David Klinger



I got and listened to/watched your rehab materials and I really liked them.  They were very clear and practical.  I have seen several of the other “gurus” speak and I’d have to say that you have made the most sense so far.  What I liked about your presentation is that instead of placing “mechanics” first, you were noticing a problem and addressing it from a strength standpoint first and mechanic that needs fixing second.


“You are truly an
Oracle of Pitching”


Having played major college and professional baseball, and then coached at the collegiate level, I must admit, I was more then skeptical about your 90-mile per hour club.  Perhaps, it was all the gadgets and gimmicks that have flooded the market in recent years that had me drifting away from the good old fashioned baseball, basic fundamentals, mechanics and physics that you teach.

During our web-meeting today, as you carefully dissected and analyzed the video, it was clear to me that Paul Reddick is truly an oracle of pitching.  I have long been and will continue to be a student of Tom House and Bob Humphreys, however, after your succinct overview of the video today, and the accompanying advice, there is no doubt in my mind Paul Reddick rounds out the ‘holy triology’ of pitching.

In short Paul…everything you said today was spot on, and when a young pitcher embraces your approach to pitching, there is no doubt in my mind, they will attain their optimal level of performance.  Period.

My very best wishes to you Paul, keep up the great work…and thank you!

Very Sincerely,

“Great Investment”

90MPH Club-

Paul, as you know I have been a member for over two years and the information and updates that I receive are packed with current mechanics and philosophies being used at the Division 1 and MLB level. I appreciate the simplicity of the information. Direct to the point and easy to follow and understand. Your network of baseball coaches, instructors and contacts continually provide my teams with the best instruction possible. Your number one goal has always been the safety of my players and you always have  his or her best interest in mind. Your follow up is timely and concise. Either by email or by direct phone conversation you are always accommodating. The 90MPH Club is a great investment and has assisted in the development of all of my players.

Thanks again Paul.

Bill Sinacore


I’ve been using the program for about 2 weeks now, and I just feel like I’m in better shape, my legs feel stronger and I’m able to throw farther and it just feels like I’m throwing harder. I haven’t been radar’d but the next time I am ill let you know the jump. My mechanics are a mess however, do I have to wait until my trial is over to send in video?

Casey Mohrien

“College Coach Mentioned He Was Throwing Harder”

I read all the testaments and thought I’d share ours.

My son who is 16 was working out with a local college D-3 pitching coach (and former professional pitcher)and when he went back for a lesson after working out with your videos for a week the college coach mentioned he was throwing much harder and asked what had changed. We mentioned my son had gotten your tapes and were doing the excises and he was blown away.

Baltimore Maryland

“You Are The Real Deal”

Paul, I wanted to say thanks for the time you took to give my son, Cody Patterson a pitching analysis. You are true to your word about teaching, caring , and helping pitchers with mechanics as well as velocity gains. I have read a lot of testimonials to pitchers making gains under your coaching, however I figured you knew them personally. You really humbled me because I have never met you, however you were quick to help my son, by analyzing his mechanics. That was great but you went the extra mile to tell me how to correct the problem. You just didn’t show me 4 or 5 flaws then send me on the way, you went to the root of the problem so everything could be fixed at once. Another traditional coach would have spent hours fixing individual flaws. Not only did you save me time but made sure I clearly understood the whole process. You would not end the evaluation until all questions were answered. Thanks again, YOU DEFINATELY ARE THE REAL DEAL!!!!

Gary Patterson

“FROM 77 to 84 MPH”

Hey coach,

When I started your program in august I was throwing 75 to 77 now I am 84 85 maybe topping 86. I got clocked at 83 on flat ground from not mound. My curveball got so filthy that yesterday it broke so late and sharp it hit my friend in the head. Even the best players on my high school team are saying nick you got sick. I couldn’t do it without this program. My goal is hit 90 mph my mid june and take my pitching down to the u17 wwba championship in marrieta georgia and get looked by and hopefully offers from big time colleges.

Thank you so much.

Nick DeBari 
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Hi Paul,

I want to thank you for taking time to go over my son’s video with us.  My son, 15 yrs old, was having problems remaining consistent with his control as well as his velocity.  I contacted you for help, you asked me to post a video, to YouTube, of him pitching.  You then asked me to send you the link to review and a short time later you contacted me to set up a date and time where we could go over it together. During this online meeting you broke down his delivery step by step. You stopped the video at key moments in his delivery and explained to us exactly what he was doing wrong. You brought up videos of Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson to compare him to at the same points in their deliveries. By doing this it was obvious what my son was doing wrong. You then went on to explain to us how to correct this problem. You set us up with 3 easy exercises that we can do over the Fall and Winter to improve his delivery.  I have to tell you that I’ve sent my son to a number of so call pitching instructors over the years, at a cost of $60 per hour and none of them ever picked up this problem.  What you did for us during our 30 minute discussion will definitely help him excel to the next level.  We really appreciate what you’ve done and we are looking forward to getting him on the right track.

Ron Ney

Marlboro, Ma.



I like to thank you for today online meeting, going over my two son’s pitching video really helped me alot. What you told me about his delivery on the mound will help me alot. You are correct when you said the pitching coaches just look at the end result not breaking it down from the beginning. They will be doing the super seven workouts all threw the winter.

Again thanks alot I didn’t realize that we were on the phone for almost 50 minutes


Rich Alheidt
BabeRuth Rec. Director

My son Jake and i first started checking out Paul Reddicks online videos early 2006. In June of 2006 my son was 10 years old when we purchased our first collection of dvd’s and joined what was then called the inner circle. In the mail came “The pitchers daily dozen”, “Hitters Grip Strength”,”Rehab for pitchers” and “Power ab workout”. Now, my son had already been playing on a travel team that was winning, what we thought at that time, big tournaments throughout Florida. But we wanted something more
than just lining his wall with trophies and winning by stealing bases and throwing side arm breaking balls at 10/11 years old. My son wanted logetivity and power. Man did we find it in that package of cd’s. We stuck to the program religously. We saw major improvements within a 1 month period. My son jake was just an average pitcher, he aimed the ball too much. Jake was a just above average catcher. Once he started in on this program parents, coaches and others started calling it a “gifted arm”. Little did they know.

Pitching wise many started noticing how well he used his lower body. His velocity picked up dramatically, the ball was moving big time. He didnt throw a straight ball again. The inside fastball became his #1 pitch and he commanded it. And his smoothness on the mound was perfect and is still very smooth, this from the balance training in these dvd’s we purched. Static stability, dynamic stability and power all conditioning drills in these dvd’s created these perfect mechanics my son now has.

As a catcher this type of conditioning seemed to create almost like a muscle memory in his body. His throw to secend now exploded as his body was now in balance. It allowed perfect footwork. Dropping and blocking seemed to come natural which he struggled with up to this point. But the big deal is now his power arm.

After using and going over and over this program and the rest of Paul Reddick Baseball programs for the past 4/5 years I cant say enough how valuable this is. Jake doesnt really go to instructors anymore. He has this program which he believes in because he has seen what it made him, another thing is it really creates a great father/son communication and training relationship. I coach some of his teams and I see it all the time, father/son bickering in the batting cage. Dad doesnt pitch good enough, son doesnt swing right or throw hard enough. My son and I are truly blessed to have this guideline to work with and discover new things about it, and have great fun doing it just to see what hppens next on the field

AS of today Jake is now a 15 year old Freshman, expected to catch on the varsity high school tteam. Pitching wise his fastball touches low 80’s consistently. He has pitched a couple no hitters and several complete shutouts against good teams. Behind the plate his pop time is 1.9- 2 seconds. These are numbers clocked by school coaches. Jake has never had any soreness or any arm injurys either. many of his freinds from 4 years ago already have bad arms, one has pins.

We attribute much of this success to Riddick Baseball’s arm conditioning and training programs. These are what I call a layered conditioning program as the whole program starts with the basic conditioning exercises then advances gradually. This is why i think the program is the best out there by far. It creates muscle memory which results in perfect mechanics which are not only suited for pitchers but catchers and all postion players. Preventive maintenance for the arm as one disc we have is about what pitchers go through after Tommy John surgury, definitly cuts down the risk of injury if not eliminates it.

Jake & Sam DelGreco

“HIT 89 MPH”

Hi Paul

I don’t know if you remember Michael Healey but we sent you some video shots of him back in January and you gave him some tips. We bought a few of your products and also have been getting the Juice Plus from Zing. He is 16 and will be 17 in the next week (starting his Senior year) but has been hitting  89 mph pretty consistantly. He has not been gunned on every pitch so I don’t know for sure if he has hit that magical 90 (my guess is yes)…Anyway good news is that he received  approx 15 D1 offers and has committed to play at UConn… I wanted to thank you for the help and tips over the past year.

Paul Healey

Hey Paul,

I just subscribed to your program and have been doing the long toss and the workouts and have noticed a huge improvement i went from an outfielder to a pitcher in a matter of a month i do both and have had an arm but my accuracy was off alot now i can hit the spots im supposed to and i throw in my school as a sophomore an unheard of 86 i hit that speed very consistently and my breaking pitches are getting a later movement on them still working on that but i am getting there thank you for your program


“Threw 1 HITTTER”

Hey Paul,

This weekend, with your workouts and techniques, i was able to bring my whole body into the equation, and threw a complete game 1 hitter. The team this was againt was one of the top schools in our city. I appreciate how much endurance your workouts gave me, and you taught me what other coaches haven’t: how to use my whole body.

Thank You Paul.

Josh Ruelas

“From 55 MPH to 65 MPH”

Hello Paul,

I am aaron and using all of the stuff u have shown me i went from 55mph to about 65mph . i just wanted to say thank you because i now have a great slider a dominate changeup and a faster fastball . so thank you for everything you have shown me.


Aaron Smith

“4 MPH Faster at Showcase”


Mike just returned from a college showcase event as threw 4 MPH faster than in the past.  We are attending another and hope to see the same.  I am in the midst of writing up a testimonial note to you, but want to add more to the story.  Also, hoping to send you another set of videos so we can see if his form is part of the reason for the MPH gains.  Hoping we can set-up another call soon. 

Thanks again,


“16 K’s & NO HITTER at 12U Tourney”

Coach Reddick, This e-mail is no surprise because you are the exception not the rule! We appreciate all of your work but more than that it is concern for your players that put you in a class by yourself, and perhaps Dan Huff as he is very good also. My son just finished a tournament where he hit 4 home runs (led the tournament)! Then he pitched a no hitter with 16 strike outs! This was a 12u tournament so they were six inning games. The 90 mph club has allowed him to get better, reach bigger and better goals. We really appreciate your concern for our ball players! thanks a million,

Gary Patterson

“Everything I Learned Before was WRONG!”

Dear Paul,

Thank you! After watching the mechanics DVD I instantly noticed a change in velocity and control. I also watched the filthy pitches DVD and I realized that everything I had learned was wrong. Your method of throwing a curveball really has helped relieve stress on my arm. I am sure that in time the strength training will help my velocity also. Once again thanks.

Zach Orban

“Gained 5mph & Hit 92”

Thanks And btw great 90mph program 🙂 , i gained a solid 5mph on my fast ball which is Clocked constanly between 83–87 and i top gunned 92mph with a crow up pitch! Anyway thanks for the reply.

Ian Hudon
Montreal Canada
Playing : Midget AAA

“Paul Is One Of The Most Passionate & Knowledgable Guys”

Paul is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate guys I know in the baseball scouting industry.  I can always count on Paul providing reliable information.  I would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking baseball consulting services. Jared Lane Founder Pro Edge Sports

“You Turned My
Career Around”

I just felt I had to send you a thank you email, because you have turn my baseball “career” back to where i want it to be. Thank you Paul for helping me out! I really enjoyed all the advice you have given in your videos, and will most definitely continue watching for many years to come, so keep it up!
I’ll let you know how the app works after my next start!!

Dave McElroy, Whitby Canadians Baseball Club- Ontario Canada.

“Throwing Harder, Better Pitches..NO HITTER, 8 K’s, 4 broken bats :)”

Hey Paul,

After a couple weeks of watching your videos I can already see the development of not only the velocity on my pitches but also the late movement on them. This past weekend on my legion team I threw a complete game no-hitter, racking up 8 K’s and breaking 4 of the other team’s bats in the process. I could tell that I was throwing considerably harder and my catcher and coaches could definitely tell the difference. Keep doing what you’re doing and hopefully I can progress even farther.

Thanks for all of your help,


“Almost Made It Unfair”

Paul, I can’t say thank you enough.  As a dad and a coach, your program almost made it unfair for my little league team.  My pitchers are almost unhittable and while winning 15-2 is boring at times, I can deal with it 😉  And we are just beginning to use the 90mph workouts.  Thanks so much for the personal webinar”

Jameel Rush

“Gained 5mph”

Hi Paul my name is Kyle and i am in junior league at Port Salerno little league i have been watching and working on some of your videos over the last couple months. I gained about 5 mph on my fastball so if u get this message can you please respond and send me any videos that you know of that can help make me a better pitcher.

Thank You,

Kyle Blot


Eric Gormley June 13, 2010 at 1:41am

hey jon and paul, i thought i’d say hello and share some of my success with you guys. i have had two starts, and i am 2-0 with a 0.59 era with 21 strikeouts in 16 innings. i’ve pitched two complete games, and given up only one earned run and three walks. you guys are doing an awesome job with this baseball. i play out of waterbury ct, but i also play in torrington, where strasburg played! so exciting. hope you two are doing well,


Catcher Said “You’re throwing harder”

My son has been using your 90 MPH club information for about 2 weeks now. He just started his new legion team and they had their first game last Saturday. He only pitched an inning in relief, but he faced the 3-4-5 hitters and mowed them down on 8 pitches, all for strikes (2 strikeouts and a jam pop-up on infield). I didn’t have the JUGS gun with me that day, but he definitely looked like he was throwing harder than he had all year. He told me afterward he could feel a difference in his legs especially. His catcher even commented on how much harder he was throwing. Anyway, I don’t have exact numbers for the increase in speed, but we are seeing a difference already.



“Seeing results in velocity and control in
just 10 days”


Thank you for the video review of my son Dakota’s pitching mechanics.  The information you gave and the breakdown of trouble areas in his motion are invaluable.  Dakota has started to implement some of the changes and after just 10 days he is seeing results with his control and velocity. 

Thanks, Ken.

“Now Throwing
in Low 80’s”

Paul just a thank you my sons lat muscle is a lot better.

By the way he threw a 1-0 shutout. He is a soph for a local single A school here in Indiana. He threw only 82 pitches to complete the game against a 4 A powerhouse.

When he started your program he was throwing around 79 mph. With a fastball now in the low to mid 80’s he is one of the top pitchers and leaders in his conference.

Thank you.

Bob Wilz

“Complete Game..
looking stronger,
throwing harder”


Just wanted to give you an update on my son Will(12). He has been doing only the exercises for about a week consistant with a session of long toss in there.

Where he could only go 3 innings before getting tired and out of control, He threw a complete game(six innings) and struck out the last three to end the game. He looked stronger the whole game, and I could tell he was throwing a little harder. I didn’t put him on the radar tonight but will do it next week. Thanx for your support and encouragement. I think he is a believer now and will get more serious about what he wants to achieve.

Tony Fallon

“Added 3 MPH in 2 weeks..INSANE”

Hey Paul,

Your program has shown me what it takes to become a great pitcher in this sport.  The training you provided me is unlike any other that i have received in my entire baseball career.  Not only did you give the most pitching specific training I have ever experienced, you also explained how to do it so simply, which made it exciting to train and see myself improve.  On top of all that, you responded to every question I had within the hour I asked.  I am a junior in high school, and i was consistently throwing from 83-85 mph.  After my season was finished, I dedicated myself to increasing my velocity. This is how i discovered your program and fell in love with it.  In only 2 weeks after starting your program my velocity increased from throwing consistently at 83-85 mph, to now throwing consistently at 85-88 mph, that is an increase of 3 mph on my top velocity in just 2 weeks!  Your program is amazing, and the results it has blessed me with in just 2 weeks is insane.  I cannot wait to tell you more of my improvements as my training progresses.

Thank you so much,

Sean Belen

“Still Dominating at 53?”

Hello Paul

I am quite older than most of the people who have written you. I am 53 years old and I still pitch in the Arizona version of the Men’s Senior Baseball League. I have used your information to good use and though I have not put more MPH in my pitches, most of the batters have been frustrated upon leaving the plate.

Keep up the good work.

Ken Forman

Little League Dad Seeing Success With Both His Sons”

My son is playing as a 10 year old for major little leauge team.  Our park has rookie, intermediate, minor, then major.  He was given 4 innings/63 pitches, did not walk anyone until the 4th, then someone finally got a base hit that turned into two runs on a steal, My son’s last batter was another strikeout.  My son hit 58 on the radar gun in pitching practice with their pitching coach, his normal pitches having been 50 -51 were now 52-54.  He hit almost all of his locations called by the pitching coach in his game.  We have only barely started doing some of the strengthening excercises for two weeks, the type that strengthen around the pitching muscles, like inchworms, I have yet to study the and improvise the pitching specific strengening excersises.  My 9 year old in his younger division has been throwing hard at 44, but at waist to chest level and has gotten hit on.  He also had a good Saturday game keeping them as low strikes, striking out 7 for 9 batters/38 pitches.  He can only pitch 3 innings.
We’ll see how it goes.

Little leauge dad

Paul Kester

“I Was Terrible Now
Throwing 85mph”

I want to to thank you for everything. before this i was TERRIBLE at pitching after using 90 mph club i am now the starting pitcher,before i only pitched 75 at freshman now at Sophmore i am pitching 85

thank you

Chris Hart

“Instantly Get More
Movement And Control”


My 17 year old son has seemed to hit a wall at 84-85 mph. Since we have received the 90mph system a couple weeks ago, he is doing the workouts and studied the pitches dvd. We have not been able to gun him yet, however he feels strong and stable and excited about seeing what his velocity is at. He had problems with his change up and with your instruction with the 90mph system has been able to almost instantly get more movement and control. You make it very clear and simple on what is important in throwing these pitches.

Can’t wait to see the results from the workouts and other information you have given him. We will let you know his progress!

Thanks Again!!!

“From 85mph to 92mph”

Hey im 15 and a sophomore in high school, my friend bought the program and i decided to use it… I usually throw 81-85 but after a month with the program im averaging 90-92 with my fastball and 83 with my slider

Joe Rivera

“Within 2 Weeks Every Player Was Throwing 3-8 MPH Harder”

Hi Paul,

I’m going into the fourth season of coaching my sons teams. When I began we were a 7 & 8 years old machine pitch team. I thought I knew everything about baseball because I played on elite level teams during summer ball and in college.

I was teaching the boys traditional baseball mechanics for hitting and pitching. Our record the first season was 1-15. I just told myself that we didn’t have the talent to much better than that (shame on me). The second season we moved into kid pitch, even though the majority of our players 8 yrs old.

We started out the season getting blown out of every game, we gave up the max runs every inning until about game 10 and I didn’t have a pitcher that could throw longer than 1 1/3 inning. After doing some research I bought the 90 MPH Club Core.

Within 2 weeks every player (I mean every player) was throwing the ball 3-8 MPH harder and the pitchers were starting to go 2-4 innings per outing. Every team we played the second half of the season had to throw their best pitcher to beat us.

We ended that season 2-23, which doesn’t sound like much success but considering the fact were under age, we were only losing games by 1 or 2 runs, and we were getting three outs every inning because we were throwing more strikes than balls was a dramatic difference.

Our third season we went 20-14 and took 2nd place at state! The 90 MPH Club completely changed my mindset on not only the mechanics of pitching but how I coach the game.

Paul, I really appreciate you and the programs you offer.

I hope to meet you someday so I can shake your hand and tell you thanks!

Best Regards,

*Cliff Poindexter*